Bernardo Hernández

Expert on Innovation and New Technologies

VP Product of Yahoo & CEO at Flickr (2013–15). Director of Emerging Products at Google (2005-13)

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Bernardo Hernández is one of the most outstanding in innovation worldwide and a leader in new technologies.

His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to embark on original business initiatives in the field of Internet, creating pages or, and participating in projects of which he is president and, the leading social network among young people in Spain, and Step One, a pioneering project that facilitates entry into the U.S. market for Spanish companies. Also joining the board of directors as an independent director

Degree in Economics from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, Master in Finance from Boston College and Financial Analyst, CFA AIMR-United States, began his career in the financial world, working in major American companies such as Fidelity Investments and Putnam Investments, analyzing technology industries and software companies and internet.

After a long and successful career, in 2005 Bernardo Hernández became part of Google Inc. as Director of Marketing and Product for Spain. Since its incorporation, its rise has been unstoppable, occupying, until May 2013, the Director of Emerging Products at Google, where he managed the launch of the new ideas of the Internet giant. He was formerly Global Product Marketing Google, being the head of all global consumer products company.

Its large capacity allows you to combine work with other project activity: former chairman of the social network Tuenti until Telefónica acquired 90% of the company for 70 million euros, and actively collaborates in the internationalization of Spanish companies in United States, through One Step platform is also a member of the Jury Award for Technical and Scientific Research of the Prince of Asturias.

In 2008 Bernardo Hernández was awarded, along with the entire company, with the Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities, collecting personally the award on behalf of Google and in 2009 received the award for “Entrepreneur Technology of the Year” award in the 8th edition of Banespyme Project Orange.

His skills as an entrepreneur, conceptualizing and launching new projects, make it an ideal speaker for companies seeking innovation horizon regarding its strategy and organization. Bernardo Hernández believes that technological progress is faster than our ability to understand, but no one better to help us understand and assimilate. It can also provide their lectures in English and Spanish.