Carl Bildt

Sweden′s Minister for Foreign Affairs

Carl Bildt

Former Swedish Prime Minister (1991 -1994) , actually Carl Bildt is Sweden′s Minister for Foreign Affairs. He won international acclaim as the High Representative for peace negotiations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and as the Special Envoy for the Balkans of the United Nations Secretary-General (until July 2001).

A visionary of Europe and expert on world affairs Carl Bildt offers privileged insights to those who want to place their organization advantageously for the future. He examines leadership in adverse situations and shows how to successfully negotiate at the highest level. During his tenure as Prime Minister, he negotiated Sweden’s accession to the European Union as well as launched Sweden as a country in the centre of the IT revolution.

As part of the Transatlantic Declaration by 20 Foreign Affairs specialists across the globe (May 2003) Carl Bildt demonstrates his profound insights into the troublesome Middle East and terrorism.

Carl Bildt is today focused on different aspects of international affairs and holds advisory or membership positions in numerous international organizations and businesses.

Carl is currently Chairman of the Nordic Venture Network, which brings together the leading venture capital firms in the Nordic area, and recently chaired a study group on the future governance of the global Internet organization ICANN. He has headed a wise men’s group of the European Space Agency (ESA), and serves as Director of a number of companies in Sweden and the US.

He is the first-ever non-US member of the Board of Trustees of the RAND Corporation (Santa Monica), and serves on the Advisory Boards of The Centre for European Reform (London) and Aspen Italia (Rome) as well as on the Council of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (London).

He is an international affairs adviser to the Washington-based law firm Akin Gump. Previously, Carl was a member of the Swedish Parliament between 1979 and 2001.

Bildt is a very informative and charismatic keynote speaker. With keen observations that reflect his dedication to the process of political and economic integration in Europe, he shows the qualities necessary for any business to prosper in the “Greater Europe.”

International Relations

Geostrategy and Ecomic Diplomacy

Diplomacy and Negotiation

Peace Journey: The Struggle for Peace in Bosnia

Offered the job of succeeding David Owen as the European negotiator in Bosnia, Carl Bildt thought hard before accepting. Sustaining a coherent diplomatic initiative is exhausting and exasperating work, and the difficulties, disapp- ointments and even betrayals he suffered in the job, amply justified his hesit- ation. but the prize of seeing Bosnians beginning to put together the pieces oftheir country was a great reward. There are powerful and poignant moments, and Carl Bildt provides new inform- ation on some turning points in the Balkan saga, such as the mass killings at Srebrenica, the Croat capture of the Krajinas, and the tragic failure to preventthe Serb exodus from Sarajevo.

Peace Journey: The Struggle for Peace in Bosnia

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