Chris Moon

Landmine Survivor & Amputee Marathon Runner

Author of "One Step Beyond"

Chris Moon

A motivational speaker is someone who delivers a call to action to help people develop a certain attitude, exhibit specific desired behaviours, invigorate, or equip them to change. Chris Moon has a passion for the process of achievement and has been a bespoke motivational speaker delivering to specific client briefs for ten years obtaining top feedback scores. In everything he says and does he challenges the concept of limitation. When his first ultra the Marathon Des Sables was covered around the world his words were quote of the week in Time Magazine: The biggest limits in life are those we impose on ourselves often without even realising it.

What do clients expect from a motivational speaker or inspirational speaker? Most want credible experience and somebody who walks the talk, has fought a good fight and continues to challenge limits. In life perhaps it’s what’s in our hearts, who and what we are, how we think and what we do that are truly important. Most of Chris Moon ’s clients want the audience to understand the principles and mindsets he shares and be enabled to use them in their own lives.

An inspirational speaker usually delivers warm and uplifting messages telling a personal story of overcoming great adversity of which Chris Moon has shed loads of experience. Surviving no win situations like being held prisoner by one of the most brutal guerrilla armies in history, being blown up in a remote minefield in East Africa and surviving against all odds. Then he completed his first marathon less than a year after leaving hospital, the world’s first amputee ultra-marathon runner. As an inspirational speaker Chris Moon shares extreme credible experiences, mindsets and techniques which people can use to improve their performance and go beyond the point at which they feel they can go no further.

Some clients want a degree of profile, recognition and academic rigour. Chris has worked with psychologists and psychiatrists in the last ten years to understand the process behind his principles. Resilience and improving human performance are complex subjects. Chris Moon ’s been academically published and his autobiography One Step Beyond was published by Macmillan. Chris Moon was awarded MBE for services to the HALO Trust clearing anti-personal landmines in 1996 and has Honorary Degrees from the Universities of Exeter, Leicester and Plymouth. He’s been given several awards for leadership in disability PALM (American Physicians) and the Snowdon Award.

What’s most important to Chris Moon as a motivational speaker is understanding the challenges an organisation face so he can make his speech relevant. He’s always happy to discuss how he can add value.

Challenging Boundaries and Delivering Potential

Chris imparts an understanding of the psychology of what limits human potential and gives uplifting stories and practical strategies people can use to challenge their boundaries and deliver more of their potential.

Going the Extra Mile

In the current economic climate, where many companies had to make an adjustment two years ago after the banking crisis and now with Eurozone issues, people are literally being asked to go the extra mile in challenging markets. Chris did his first ultra-marathon in 1997 (the Marathon Des Sables) and as far as we know was the first amputee ultra-distance runner and perhaps more importantly he’s still going strong, in fact faster than ever after 15 years. He can share a practical philosophy which will empower his audience to go the extra mile.

One Step Beyond

As well as being the title of his autobiography and the story of his life Chris has been frequently asked to be the keynote speaker on this theme when people are being asked to change, deal with tough situations and conditions, deliver challenging targets or face difficult market conditions.


While supervising mine-clearance in Mozamique in 1995, Chris Moon was blown up in the supposedly clear area of the safety lane. He lost his lower right leg and right arm and survived only through sheer determination. Less than a year after leaving hospital, he ran the London Marathon, raising money for charities assisting the disabled, defying all expectations for his own future. He has since completed more than fifteen other marathons, including the punishing Marathon des Sables, which is a 137 mile race across the Sahara.

One Step Beyond is Chris Moon's story so far. He has led a life of remarkable experiences, from being one of the few people to survive kidnap by the Khmer Rouge, to running the final stage of the Olympic torch relay to Nagano for the opening of the 18th Winter Olympics in 1998. Chris Moon writes with wit and charm, passion and belief, and his tale is truly one of adventure, romance and inspiration.


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