Juan Verde

International Co-director of the Campaign for Obama 2012

English · Spanish

Juan Verde is the co-director of international re-election campaign of Barack Obama, where he is a Senior Advisor and advises the president on economic issues, the Hispanic vote, trade and sustainability.

Juan Verde was Secretary of State for Trade Relations in the U.S. and Europe, the trade department of the Obama Administration. Position of trust as the White House, his responsibilities included advising the Minister of Commerce of the United States and the development of policies, programs, international agreements and initiatives that promoted international trade and investments in 52 countries.

With his valuable experience in American Public Administration, Juan Verde has been part of 14 political campaigns at different levels: local, state and national levels, specializing in raising funds and companies and individuals, and in the development and uptake of the Hispanic vote. He also worked for the Boston City Council as legislative counsel of the Department of Finance and the office of Mayor Ray Flynn as political and economic adviser.

A major environmental policy expert, Juan Verde was the founder and head of “The Climate Project Spain”, the Spanish branch of the project against climate change by Al Gore. He chaired the Biosphere Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote environmental values, sustainability and combating climate change.

Graduated cum laude in Political Science and International Relations from Boston University and Master of Public Administration at Harvard University, then Juan Verde did graduate studies among most notably those carried out on international trade negotiations and Universities Georgetown and Tufts.

Previously, he spent most of his professional career planning and strategic development of private enterprises and public institutions and qualifications made him specialize in delivering communications strategies and business development in both the public and private in different parts of the world. Juan Verde was founder, shareholder or CEO of several companies and institutions; including most notably PASS (Public Administration Strategy Solutions), of which he was founder and president. He was also a shareholder in Think + and GigaTrust and was president for 3 years, the American Chamber of Commerce in the Canary Islands, and Director General for Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula of the Corporate Executive Board.

Excellent speaker and communicator, nobody better than Juan Verde to discuss the current economic situation, international politics and climate change.