Susan Fonseca

Founder and CEO of Women@TheFrontier

Diversity Ambassador and Founding Member of Singularity University

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Susan Fonseca is a Founding Member of Singularity University (SU). She organized SU’s 2008 Founding Conference, helped source 1.5M seed funding, and negotiated a 5-year partnership with NASA. Susan spearheaded SU’s TED09 public launch and executed SU’s inaugural Graduate Studies and Executive Programs. Today, SU Alumni are in 60+ countries around the world.

Susan Fonseca is titled “Founding Architect” for her role in building the initial DNA that is SU.

Susan is also the founder of Women@TheFrontier, an explosive forum highlighting female change-agents that are leveraging exponential technologies and innovative platforms to address global grand challenges. Women@TheFrontier is an international team of doers- dreamers- disruptors who represent top executives, policy leaders, next generation influencers and dynamic volunteers from around the globe. Together we share the  story of amazing Women Role Models.

W@F’s mission is to tap into the world’s undiscovered idea-makers through our own unique “Find, Fuel, Fund” model. We are the platform amplifying the impact of a new generation of change-agents.

An anthropologist and lawyer, prior to SU Susan Fonseca negotiated diplomatic and international collaboration with Central American Presidents, Ambassadors, U.S. State Officials and Industry CEOs that culminated in the successful vote and passage of the U.S. & Dominican Republic – Central American Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA). In addition, Susan has produced technical and scientific conferences (e.g., Life Extension Conference, Singularity Summits, Aging Conference and Convergence).

Susan’s focus is to create strategic alliances and global networks that empower, inspire and drive positive change.