Alejandro Melamed

Expert in Talent, Excellence and Values

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Before joining Coca-Cola Alejandro Melamed worked for Arthur Andersen & Co, as Director for their programs of Quality Service, Negotiation and Middle Management, as well as Human Resources and Change Management Manager for one of the main food companies in Argentina.

Alejandro Melamed arrived at Coca-Cola in 1998 where he assumed different positions in the HR area, as Human Resources Vice President for South Latin America for the last eight years. His work has helped to position the company as one of the best organizations to work according to some of the best known international rankings. Thanks to his contribution, Coca-Cola became the first company in Latin America to achieve the Work & Life Balance certificate by the European Institute for Social Capital (EISC), the Gender Equity Model (INADI and World Bank) and the Human Resources Innovation Award (Meta 4).

In the academic field, he teaches at the University of Buenos Aires, School of Economic Sciences since 1998, and also at Salamanca and Di Tella Universities.

Alejandro Melamed has also been recognized by the Parents Foundation and the IAE Business School as an Engaged Leader and his biography and experience has been published by Dave Ulrich. Alejandro Melamed’s book “HR Competencies” is one of the two referral  from Latin America.

Alejandro Melamed has been the first Argentine to be awarded the Myer Briggs Type Indicator certification by the Association of Psychological Type. He has also wroten many books as well as a variety of articles and columns for the main newspapers in Argentina.

As an Inspiring and moving speaker, Alejandro Melamed is an excellent communicator. He speaks about satisfaction and frustrations that are unleashed in the working world and about talent, motivation and leadership. He also deals with values of the diversity, well-being, stress and its consequences, as well as innovation in human resources, ego and self- esteem and finally life quality and how to achieve an “integrated full-life” and personal branding.

Alejandro Melamed’ s lectures stand out for their inspiration, dynamism and pragmatism, opening a path to understanding how we should face the future if we wish to become the protagonist of our own improvement and change.