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One of the World’s Most Successful Businessmen and Marketers.

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Bob Pritchard has an extensive command of every aspect of business…from personal experience at the pointy end. Irrespective of whether the clients challenge is strategy, marketing, advertising, customer service, differentiation, maximizing new media, confronting change, leadership or another aspect of business Bob is eminently qualified.


For over 30 years, Bob Pritchard has been consulting on all aspects of business and marketing to Fortune 500 companies, SMEs and start ups in the United States, Europe and Australasia. Bob is also a recipient of the highly prestigious “International Marketer of the Year” award as well as many other accolades.

Bob Pritchard is the author of several internationally best selling books including: “Marketing Success Stories”, “Complex Marketing Made Simple”, “Kick-Ass Marketing”, “Sponsorship Made Simple and Kick-Ass Business” and “Marketing Secrets: How to Blitz Your Competition”.

Bob Pritchard sits on the boards of companies in Europe, the United States and Australia providing a wealth of knowledge on everything from corporate structure, corporate culture, cost management, driving sales, expansion through franchising, joint ventures and strategic relationships, through to IP protection and implementing stock exchange public listings.

Apart from traversing the globe almost on a weekly basis, consulting to major corporations and working with small businesses to create strategic relationships internationally, Bob Pritchard is one of the leading business and marketing speakers in the world.

He is a regular contributor to television, radio, newspapers and magazines, has been featured on 60 Minutes and other television programs around the world. Bob also hosts a weekly business radio program to a global audience of over 200,000 on five continents on VoiceAmerica, interviewing the world’s leading thought leaders, entrepreneurs and SME’s.

Bob Pritchard’s experience as a speaker and trainer includes over 1,500 conferences, encompassing over 90 Fortune 500 companies in 52 countries. He was awarded the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, awarded to less than 5% of all speakers. Known for his straight talk, simple, logical, practical outside-the-box solutions to differentiate businesses and products and drive success, Bob Pritchard is educational, funny, energetic, interactive and entertaining.

In the mid 1990’s Bob Pritchard began to share his broad international business experience by speaking to corporations and business organizations. Today, he numbers among his clients over 90 of the Fortune 500, including: Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Ford, Anheuser Busch, Morgan Stanley, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Toyota, American Express, AT&T, Alcatel, Lucent Technologies to name a few.

Bob Pritchard has also been a marketing consultant to Fox Studios and Darling Harbour in Sydney – the fifth largest Olympic Games site in history. He was Marketing Director for Formula One and implemented the “100 Years… 100 Movies” campaign for the American Film Industry.

A tireless worker for charity and Global Ambassador for Kidney Health, Bob Pritchard was recognized by Her Excellency the Hon. Ms. Quentin Bryce AO, Governor General of Australia for his work with Kidney Health. Bob is also a committee member for The Golden Stave, the Music and Entertainment Industry organization that raises funds for worthy children’s charities.


In the past ten years we have advanced just 1% of the technology revolution, in the next fifteen years we will advance the next 99%. It is estimated that we will be exposed to 2000 times more information every day than we are receiving today and instead of the traditional internet, the ‘Internet of Things’, already connecting some 20 billion devices, will reach 75 billion by 2020.

Our employees will be more tech savvy, require more flexibility, more responsibility and this will create a significantly different workplace.

Our customers will be more informed, more connected and more socially conscious.

Consumers will get the majority of information thru mobile, digital and social media will be come paramount. Customer centric, location based marketing based on data will be the norm.

Bob Pritchard is an international authority on the rapid technology tsunami which is disrupting every industry.

Your competition will no longer be someone in the world doing the same thing as you. Think what Apple did to music and what Amazon did to print. The biggest competition to banks is not other banks, it is Blockchain. The biggest threat to the transport industry are drones, the biggest threat to manufacturing are 3D printers. What is the biggest threat to your business?

Technology advances and cloud computing is totally changing how we do business.

Managing this will require extraordinary change in leadership, corporate culture and community citizenship, management, marketing and advertising and customer communication and service.

Bob Pritchard shows you how to embrace this change; provide leadership, motivate employees and stakeholders, use this new technology to reach and drive consumers to purchase, become loyal customers and advocates, reduce costs and drive ROI


Customer Service in a time of disruptive change, requires a paradigm shift in thinking . . . today’s customer service is totally inadequate.

There are a 1000 experts on customer service, unfortunately for business the overwhelming majority of them are experts on yesterday’s customer service. Technology and an instant gratification consumer, connected 24/7 and seeking information, has changed customer service demands. Traditional methods of customer interaction; gaining trust, developing loyalty and generating word-of-mouth are less relevant, yet PWC research is showing us that customer service is now even more critical to business growth, ROI and pricing strategy than ever.

It is still essential to provide a WOW experience at every customer interaction whether on the phone, on the web, in the store, after sales service, provision of information, follow-up and every other touch point, except this now represents the bare minimum. The way you show respect, understanding, listening, responding and serving has changed as companies now have a direct line to their customers, enabling service, sales and research; customer reaction, both positive and negative, and you can now generate immediate fans or a backlash can occur globally, all instantly.

Companies can readily obtain greater and more in-depth knowledge of what people want and need, ascertain product and business model issues through instant direct feedback. Technology and social media create the ability for every department in an organization to develop great customer relationships and drive sales. The smart companies are leveraging customer feedback and trends from social media and Web 2.0 technologies. In turn, technology has allowed customers to choose how and when they interact with companies.

Bob Pritchard shows you how to embrace this change, demonstrates how proactive customer service is not about buying new technology, but requires a change in mindset and a strategy that melds traditional best practices with mobile and social platforms,how to effectively use location-based marketing, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, LinkedIn, Yelp. YouTube and other dynamic tools to give the customer a “knock your socks off” customer experience..


Differentiation in a time of disruptive change requires real “out of the box” thinking…

Harvard Studies show that 46 of 51 categories of business are commoditized;so consumers believe products and services in these categories are interchangeable, therefore they compete on price. This reduces margins and ROI, increases marketing costs, reduces brand equity and customer loyalty, reduces employee commitment and productivity and lowers stock price.

Yet new technology, the 24/7 connected empowered customer, changes in consumer reading, listening and viewing habits, the explosion in one-on-one enabled new media,all provide unequalled opportunity to differentiate from the competition. Differentiation requires a combination of awesome customer service at every touch point, added value, thinking outside the box to provide a WOW experience and relating to individual consumers personal preferences that are enabled by the extraordinary technology tools and new media to gather intelligence (data plus analysis).

Many companies rely on R&D to differentiate themselves by developing new products and improving old ones. In reality, it’s not what you sell, but how you sell that matters. Prospects need to know not only why to choose you over your competitors, but why they need to make a change in the first place. With greater competition you can no longer count on innovation alone to set them apart. Almost every move you make is copied by competitors so consumers rely on price or just choose to do nothing.

Don’t enter into a war of features and benefits when medical research shows all decisions are initially made emotionally. Unless your differentiation is decisive, the real questions customers are considering are “why change” and “why now.” This requires an entirely different approach to your differentiation message, selling tools and sales training.

Bob Pritchard shows you how to use outside the box thinking to clearly define your Consumer Purchasing Benefit and articulate your differentiation message. He shows you through simple, but powerful examples, how to own the category, improve your margins and improve ROI.


Rapid disruptive change is turning Leadership at every level of business, on its head.

Accelerating change is causing us to examine the way we do business, the relationship with our employees and our customers, the way we communicate with them, who we regard as our competitors now and in the future and our relationship with the community. Leadership still requires an inspiring person with integrity and a deep-rooted commitment, who leads by example, who communicates practical and realistic goals in terms of a visionary and idealist.

Traditional structures are not suited to fast changing environments, decisions and strategies must be developed quickly by people at the coal face. This requires the management team and employees to be trusted and empowered to make timely decisions. Managers at all levels face challenges beyond their individual capabilities, requiring increased emphasis on collaboration, innovation, managing change, building relationships, working across boundaries and participation management.

At the same time, significant social change is occurring; roles are changing, men and women are reassessing their work/life balance and responsibilities, generation next is more fluid and connected, income is much less a determinant of employee satisfaction .

Leaders need to be more empowering, connect using new technologies, make accurate fast-paced decisions, balance priorities, create fluid structures and flexible processes, leverage diversity, imagination and creativity, encourage transparency, authenticity and accountability and learn to handle environmental complexity, yet continually incentivate, motivate and inspire their teams.

Relying on management competencies that worked in the past, will then no longer be successful .

Bob Pritchard shows you how to embrace this change, articulate the vision, inspire and empower, provide effective leadership at every level of the company, unite employees and stakeholders of diverse talents, backgrounds and experiences behind the vision using verbal and nonverbal communication, use new technology to reach and motivate employees and consumers, develop loyal customers and advocates, reduce costs and drive ROI.


Marketing in a time of disruptive change – what you know now, no longer applies

Since Bob Pritchard was awarded International Marketer Of The Year a few years ago, the changes in marketing strategy have been dramatic. The techniques he used to turn around the fortunes of hundreds of companies across the world simply no longer apply. The rapid change in technology, the 24/7 connected, highly informed customer, the changes in consumer reading, listening and viewing habits, the decline of traditional media and the explosion in new media, increased market segmentation and an empowered consumer have changed the game.

Corporations, and their marketers are often unsure of which marketing principles still apply in this new highly competitive global environment, which media vehicles to utilize to communicate with their target audience and surprisingly, at a time of exponential growth in digital and new media, many companies are struggling with how to use these incredible new interactive tools.

Bob Pritchard shows you how to embrace change, demonstrates which principles that have been the cornerstone of marketing, advertising, promotion and PR for nearly a century still apply, and which do not. He also discusses how critical it is to establish a Consumer Purchasing Benefit that clearly differentiates you from your competitors and provides you with an advantageous value proposition. While brand awareness is no longer of any benefit he shows you how brand equity is absolutely critical to developing loyal customers, word-of-mouth, increased margins, reduced marketing cost and increased ROI. He also provides you with dynamic tools to give your customer a “knock your socks off” experience at every level of your business.

Pritchard provides examples of how to adapt added value and risk reversal principles to new technology applications, highlights the power of emotion in motivating customers to buy, uses clear, simple examples to demonstrate how to utilize each of the major new media platforms to drive sales and provide extraordinary customer service and shows you how to not only pay lip service to thinking outside the box, but provides simple examples to demonstrate.



Motivation in a time of disruptive change can revitalize a business…

Major change is destabilizing, whether through reorganization, mergers, a sales slump, cost-cutting programs or the increasing pace of disruptive technology. Rapidly changing marketplaces, customers, and technologies means that motivating, empowering and inspiring your organization is critical to not only address immediate issues but to maintain the organization’s performance into the future. Change affects management and employee morale, enthusiasm, creativity, innovation, decisive leadership, productivity, profits and share price and puts companies at risk of losing pivotal people.

The executive attrition rate in merged entities is twice the average and in the year following a merger, sales typically dip 5 to 8 percent. Similarly, cost-cutting can jeopardize the retention of major staff even when their positions are secure. Loyalty is diminished and downsizing by just 1 percent can lead to an average 31 percent increase in staff turnover. Rapid technology changes as are currently being experienced puts key people under stress as responsibilities and performance demands increase.

Not all change is external. Employees are changing too, work – lifestyle balance and employer demands create significant employee stress and insecurity. The uncertainty major change brings can quickly erode employee commitment, so motivation is crucial for long-term business performance. We cannot expect the motivation techniques of the past to continue to work on a new age of employees who are looking for something different, something more personal, something they can own.

Bob provides inspirational examples, team building and other proven success tools, butexpands on it to include the tools essential for tomorrows workplace: the role that corporate culture plays in employee motivation, Interaction, innovation and inventiveness to create an environment where employees want to spend time, keep morale high, increase productivity and retain good employees. Clear communication of goals and expectations, empowerment, encouragement and acknowledgement also inspire and motivate. Successes are celebrated, failures reviewed.

Bob Pritchard educates, inspires and motivates creating exceptional results.


In this fast-paced, cluttered, and global marketplace, new influences are constantly affecting your business. Today's sophisticated consumers are searching for products that meet an emotional need, have added value, and come with no purchase risk. They want environmentally friendly products, and it’s important that they buy from businesses that share their core beliefs. Despite these demands, effective marketing still comes down to knowledge, empathy, and communication. Kick Ass Business and Marketing Secrets offers a complete course on business and marketing, with simple, easily implemented rules for marketing success.

The author, “Mr. Marketer” Bob Pritchard, offers expert guidance to help you thoroughly research and understand your product, market place, and competitors.

Delivers step-by-step advice on how to add value to every purchase
Details various communication vehicles and advises on how to choose the most appropriate vehicle for your campaign
Develops critical thinking skills to push you beyond your comfort level
With so many new sources of market pressure, there’s no room for poor marketing strategies. Get the new rules for marketing, and stand out from the rest.





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