Mario Weitz

Expert in international Economy and Consultant

Mario Weitz Conferenciante
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Mario Weitz is an expert in international economy. He has a Bachelor in Economics by the Universidad de Buenos Aires, a Master in Economics by the American University and a PhD by the same American University.

Mario worked as an economist in The World Bank (in Washington DC) and in the International Monetary Fund (USA). He was economist for the Organization of American States (USA) and also chief of several advisors of bank Presidents Argentina and Spain. In 2003, he was designed as a member of the consultant committee for the World Economic Report presented during the IMF Assembly in Dubai.

Furthermore, Mario Weitz has also worked at several areas of the economic sector. He was General Manager of Ferrocarriles Argentinos and other private companies.

Mario was Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain) for ten years and also at Instituto de la Empresa (Spain). Mario has given several conferences to general managers of global companies in several counties around the world.

At present, Mario Weitz is General Manager of Consulta Abierta (a company for training general managers of international banks) as well a trainer and lecturer at many Spanish and European organizations.

During the last years, he gives trainees to global managers at the International department of the Banco Santander. At same time Mario coordinates the Management Development Program at the International department of Telefónica and he travels over the world, giving seminars to managers about how making new business in emerging markets (specially in China, India and Brazil).

Mario Weitz  usually completes these functions with his role as a Professor at EOI Business School and as a Consultant at the European Commission and the World Bank.

Mario’s specialties fields are focused on: Economy, Financial markets, International trade and developing new business in emerging markets, matters on which he has written large articles. He evenly writes for the ABC Spanish journal and for the international financial press. He also usually collaborates with several Spanish radio programs as Onda cero, radio Euskadi as an expert in International economy.

His professional and academic experiences make him an excellent speaker and economic analyst.