Monica Lewinsky



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Monica Lewinsky has revolutionized the internet with a TED conference in which Cyberbullying is discussed. “They are before a woman silenced publicly for a decade”, she says at the start of his conference.

Monica uses her life story, that romance with the President of the United States, Bill Clinton, and her media sequels, to talk about the “culture of humiliation” present in the digital world, its consequences in the real world and the business behind this.

“More shame, more clicks. More clicks, more advertising dollars”, she defends in her lectures. Who has not made a mistake when he is 22 years old? The difference is that his mistake placed it in the eye of a hurricane “political, legal and media as never seen before”, especially considering that its history was published in January 1998 and was “the first time the internet took the place of traditional news for an important story”.

Bill Clinton would remain the president, despite the impeachment, and Monica Lewinsky has spent more than ten years in silence. This stage has not been easy: it has been hard for him to find a job or, worse, he had to reject offers that were not looking for Lewinsky, but rather to the fellow in the blue dress to get the attention of the press at the company’s public events.

He recently broke this silence and wrote a long article in Vanity Fair in which he already expressed his intention to use his personal experience to help victims of online harassment: the time has come to “bury the dress,” he wrote.


As stated in the New York Times, she has a degree in social psychology from the London School of Economics since then has participated in charitable events and workshops against cyberbullying.


We live in a “culture of humiliation” in which “a market has emerged in which public humiliation is a currency and opprobrium an economic activity,” Lewinsky adds in her conference.