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Helping leaders and organizations thrive in turbulent times.

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Rose Cartolari is the founder and Managing Director of RC Consulting, specialists in leadership advisory services and executive coaching to the C-Suite and their teams. Having lived internationally her whole life, Rose’s consulting practice spans across continents and she is fluid working with diverse cultures and perspectives.


Her expertise in growth mindset, creating top performing teams and leadership upskilling has helped hundreds of executives be successful, energized and influential.


Rose Cartolari has a unique career trajectory of teaching leadership communications and coaching leaders across two continents. Her 30-year career includes management roles in large organizations such as American Express and UNICEF, teaching in elite business schools in the US (Columbia University Business School) and Italy (SDA Bocconi University, University of Milan-Bicocca) as well as co-founding and serving as COO of Scharper Pharmaceuticals SpA.

Having lived and been educated in India, Indonesia, Somalia, the United States, and Italy, Rose is at home in many cultures. She has an active international practice and is an experienced creator and leader of strategybased leadership development programs across diverse cultures and nationalities.

Rose is a Chair on the Executive Committee of European Women on Boards and serves on the Advisory Board of DiverCity magazine, the first European magazine focused on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity.

Also, she is an active member of the Forbes Coaches Council and writes and speaks internationally on issues related to leadership strategy, transformation and culture change.


Rose helps senior level leaders and their teams stay relevant and ahead of the curve in a world of accelerated change and complexity.


To stay ahead, leaders must reposition and adapt their skills and actively innovate for both personal and organizational growth. Rose believes that in order to transform performance, leaders have to be equally fluid between long term critical thinking, geared to create a robust future, and deep diving into the present in order to optimize results today.

She has an MBA in Marketing and Management from Columbia University (USA) and a BA in Economics and International Relations from Brown University (USA).