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We share with you a post published in ‘IESE Insight‘ in which you can learn more about Inma Martínez:


“What’s the state of AI deployment today?

It varies widely — between different business sectors, between different governments, between different regions of the world. Generally speaking, industry understands how AI automatization or optimization works, because they have been dealing with it for years. They may, of course, struggle to implement it, but the benefits are clear for them to see.

Governments, on the other hand, don’t always have it so clear. When meeting with them, you sometimes get the sense they have just read a McKinsey report on their way up in the elevator. Or they approach AI as if it were just another piece of software, which it’s not — it’s a multifaceted technology that’s 60 years old and continuously evolving; it’s “alive,” making it vital to understand what it is and what it’s not.” (…)

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