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Good Luck, creating the conditions for success in life and business

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I refuse to renounce to the utopia. At present, I believe pragmatic aims are most necessary than ever.

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Alex Rovira has a distinguished career in marketing, working with companies such as Yankelovich & Partners, Stanhome and Freudenberg. He has overseen a number of new products launches and designed a number of highly successful advertising campaigns.

Alex Rovira is able to offer audiences unparalleled insight into marketing and branding strategies having collaborated in a number of important international projects working with consultancies, such as McKinsey&Co., AT Kearney and Bain & Company. In the last ten years, he has developed thousands of market research and strategic and marketing consultancy projects for all types of customers.

Alex Rovira studied at ESADE, one of the most important Business Schools in Europe. He is an economist but also studied Psychology under the watchful eye of such experts as Georges Escribano, or François Tackler-Brun amongst others. He also studied psychology in Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Brazil.

In 1996 Alex Rovira founded his own consultancy. Among his customers there were a number of important Spanish companies and some of the best known NPO’s in the world including MSF, Oxfam, Red Cross, etc.

In 1999, Alex Rovira joined Salvetti & Llombart as a partner and founded together with Fernando Trias de Bes a new division focused on qualitative and ethnographic research and strategic marketing. In two years, the company grew rapidly, obtaining important clients such as Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Sony, Morgan-Stanley, Mercedes-Benz and other multinationals.

Amongst his other clients there are a number of telecom operators including the Orange Group, Jazztel and Vodafone. His company has also overseen important projects for Nestlé, Dannon, Hewlett-Packard, Mercedes-Benz, Credit Suïsse, Winterthur, Sony Corporation, Pepsico, Frito-Lay, Moët Chandon, Bongrain, Bacardi, Chupa-Chups, and other major multinationals.

During the last years, Alex Rovira has essentially focused his career on the human capital knowledge; common to all companies, in order to have a precise understanding on how keep motivated the most important part of our companies.

As a clever communicator, Alex Rovira is now highly sought-after as a speaker by corporations from around the world eager to benefit from his expertise and know how. Alex Rovira is able to present as well in English as in Spanish.

Self Management

Adaptative Leadership

Confidence, engagement and quality

The psychonomic

The good crisis

Getting over a crisis –the crisis- doesn’t mean HAVING once again, but managing to BE -facing each moment with dignity, hope and a sense of reality. “The crisis will be what you make of it,” states Álex. A book which takes difficulty as a sign of life, but teaches us to incorporate the best of the past, to give in to change, to challenge routine, to create and think differently, and to find meaning in pain. The time has come to face our difficulties, unexpected changes, stagnation; and to use our intelligence, to trust and keep on going.

In the same line as the inspirational messages that have brought readers all over the world together in works such as “Good Life” or “Good Luck”, Álex Rovira completes his trilogy with “Good Crisis”, a showcase of inspirational, illustrative letters written to you, the reader, which give you the keys to transforming your life through the learning process any kind of crisis leads to, with examples of obstacles overcome and words to revitalize you. An indispensable work for turning crises into new opportunities.

The good crisis

The Profit

In “Profit”, Álex Rovira and Georges Escribano show, in a friendly, educational way, how someone who has lost his faith in the future of his business can create wellbeing around him, get back in touch with his employees, and recover the things he longs for, using the innovative theories of Psychosocial Economics explained at the end of the book. An essential book for learning to manage quality through consciousness and the understanding of our own personalities, which will help us create true profit.

The Profit

The Good Luck

Many years ago, in a faraway kingdom, Merlin called all the knights between its borders to him and told them, “In seven nights, the Magic Four-Leaved Clover, the clover that gives infinite good luck to its owner, will germinate in the Enchanted Forest.” Who will accept the challenge of venturing into the Enchanted Forest in search of the Magic Clover?

This is how “Good Luck” begins. An inspiring, extraordinarily positive book: a tale which unveils the keys to Good Luck and prosperity, both in life and in business.

Available in Spanish, Catalan, Euskera and Galician.

Álex Rovira’s great classic has been translated into other forty-two different languages and has sold over four million copies worldwide.

The Good Luck


We live in a deeply dysfunctional environment that is leading us to higher rates of corruption, unemployment, hopelessness and a growing lack of trust in people. We are, therefore, facing a critical challenge: rebuilding, redefining, or reinventing a social and political system capable of giving everyone a decent life, a successful and sustainable living, which does not accept any abuse, speculation, short-termism or predation.

Given the failure of other proposals, this book aims to find solutions that take into account the personal, social and labor aspects, in pursuit of a basic or essential balance that is available to everyone. The alternative posed by ‘That Life You Deserve’ is based on the construction of a system which harmonizes the material with the spiritual, productivity, personal satisfaction, competitiveness with self-realization of people.

Álex Rovira and Pascual Olmos propose a new model based in three principles: the deep motivations of people, creativity and a socially and environmentally responsible technology.