Andreas Weigend


Director, Social Data Lab. Former Chief Data Scientist, Amazon.

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Andreas Weigend studies people and the data they create and share. He works with companies that are eager to develop strategies aimed at realizing the untapped power of data. Clients include Lufthansa,, Best Buy, Thomson Reuters, Nokia, Alibaba as well as the World Economic Forum. In addition, Andreas serves as an advisor for exciting startups all around the globe, and as a partner with Open-First.


He helps organizations absorb relevant insights based on data, mobile and social technologies. He was previously the Chief Scientist of, where he helped build the customer-centric and measurement-focused culture central to Amazon’s success.


Andreas’ goal is to guide his clients to understand the constantly evolving landscape of consumer behavior and unprecedented data to identify potential new business opportunities. He wants to change companies’ view of the consumer. The consumer is not the enemy, rather they are a rich source of data and help for the company. The results of his work inform the design of innovative products, visionary business models, and change the way business leaders perceive the social data revolution and the future of relationships.


He is the founder and director of Social Data Lab, a group of thought leaders and data scientists, and advises companies and organizations around the world on data.


Andreas Weigend’s experience as head scientist and his knowledge gained and shares as advisor to entrepreneurs is combined with extraordinary insight and skill gained from academic work at Stanford. He teaches master level classes in social data and data mining at the prestigious university. These diverse roles give Weigend a unique perspective and makes him a powerful speaker.

He is known as a lively and engaging speaker and his main goal is to challenge the minds of the audience, as well as helping them understand how the Social Data Revolution changes the behavior of people, companies, and society. Andreas Weigend also gives speeches and workshops to the world’s most innovative firms which combine cutting-edge ideas with his expertise on behavioral economics and vision for consumer-enabling technologies.

Data for the people.

Data is the New Oil.

We Are Our Data: Harnessing the Power of Social Data.

E-commerce, Me-commerce, We-commerce: Understanding the New Consumer.

Data for the People: How to Make Our Post-Privacy Economy Work for You.

A long-time chief data scientist at Amazon shows how open data can make everyone, not just corporations, richer

Every time we Google something, Facebook someone, Uber somewhere, or even just turn on a light, we create data that businesses collect and use to make decisions about us. In many ways this has improved our lives, yet, we as individuals do not benefit from this wealth of data as much as we could. Moreover, whether it is a bank evaluating our credit worthiness, an insurance company determining our risk level, or a potential employer deciding whether we get a job, it is likely that this data will be used against us rather than for us.

In Data for the People, Andreas Weigend draws on his years as a consultant for commerce, education, healthcare, travel and finance companies to outline how Big Data can work better for all of us. As of today, how much we benefit from Big Data depends on how closely the interests of big companies align with our own. Too often, outdated standards of control and privacy force us into unfair contracts with data companies, but it doesn't have to be this way. Weigend makes a powerful argument that we need to take control of how our data is used to actually make it work for us. Only then can we the people get back more from Big Data than we give it.

Big Data is here to stay. Now is the time to find out how we can be empowered by it.

Data for the People: How to Make Our Post-Privacy Economy Work for You.

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