Leandro Agro

Digital Design Director, Design Group Italia

Cofounder & President, Frontiers of Interaction

Leandro Agró speaker, conferencias, keynote speech

What is design today -aka- the switch of traditional business leadership. Why business and money loves Design (Design Thinking and beyond). Technologies are shaping us faster than we think: Smart connected objects are natural born storytellers. Design rules for a highly networked -post cloud computing- world.

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Leandro Agro is the Digital Product Director at Design Group Italia. He is an awarded IxD/UX Director, IoT pioneer, patents contributor with 20+ years of design and team leadership. Leandro Agro served brands like Warner Bros, Unicef, Orange, British Telecom, Jansenn, Symantech, Eni, 3M, PepsiCo collecting –during the path- 2 WebAwards, 2 TechGarage prize, 2 ADI index mentions and other accomplishment including an early award at the Apple Design Project.

Leandro Agro is also founder and co-author of Frontiers of Interactions a leading Interaction design Conference; Frontiers is the place where the design and technology guru from all over the planet meets together.

Past speaker list includes the inventor of TED conference Richard Saul Wurman, the founder of Activision David Crane, the godfather of the Internet of Things Bruce Sterling, the theorist of the New Economy Kevin Kelly, the author of the Whole Earth Catalog Stewart Brand and many others top designers from Google, Yahoo, Jawbone, Twitter, etc.

He is also share holder at SrLabs (world class technology in the Eye Tracking field), JoinPad (leader in the augmented reality technology, including high professional AR Glasses) and TokTv (absolutely the best social platform for TV sport, serving 3 of the top 4 soccer club worldwide with more than 150M Facebook fan: Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid).

Leandro Agro contributed to four books, including two academic titles published in 2007 and 2015. As speaker he talked at: Distruptive Week (2015), Richmond IT Director Forum (2013), TED MED live (2012), TEDx (2011), CSR4 Research Center (2010), World Usability Day (2009), UXCON (2009, 2011), Internet Evolution (2009), Birds of a Feather at ETech (2008), World Business Forum (2007), BayCHI (2007).

During his professional life, several magazines, newspapers and TV shows mentioned his projects or interviewed him. This list includes: WIRED, Mashable, Reuters, New York Times, CNN, Creative Communication, Glamour and all main Italian newspaper and TV.