Marina Díaz Ibarra


One of the First latin womens in the Board at a Nasdaq Company. General Manager, (2015-2017).

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Marina Díaz Ibarra is a successful executive with a proven track record in developing digital businesses through exponential technologies, marketing tools, and innovative strategies. She has extensive international experience driving transformative programs across multiple industries. She navigates seamlessly through Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups to drive growth and technological advancement.


Furthermore, Marina Díaz Ibarra is one of the few Latin womens serving on the Board of Directors of a Nasdaq-listed company.


As General Manager of (2015-17), Marina Díaz Ibarra was in charge of three distinct and large markets: Argentina, Chile, and Peru, where she innovatively developed and accelerated the brand’s implementation process throughout the region.

Prior to her time at Mercadolibre, Marina Díaz Ibarra held the position of Emerging Markets Apparel Manager for Nike, participating in the World Cup project. She also served as the Global Senior Product Manager for Under Armour, both positions based in the United States. Additionally, in Argentina, she held the role of Corporate Marketing Manager at Puratos and Regional Brand Manager for Unilever in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo, where she managed the Dove brand for all of Latin America.

In 2017, she took a leap in line with her passion for helping impactful entrepreneurs and became the Managing Director of Wolox (New York), a software development company that provides solutions to companies undergoing digital transformation and advocates for the democratization of access to technological opportunities. This company was acquired by Accenture in 2021.


Marina Díaz Ibarra serves on the board of directors of public companies such as Rotoplas and Gentera (Banco Compartamos) and represents the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the global development institution belonging to the World Bank that promotes growth exclusively in the private sector in developing countries.


Furthermore, she is an advisor to firms such as Jumex and Bitso—the largest blockchain wallet in the region—and a speaker at international technology events. She is also a guest lecturer in the MBA program at the Tecnológico de Monterrey. In addition, she has spoken on several occasions at Georgetown, Cornell, and Columbia universities.

She studied Economics at the Di Tella University, earned a Master’s degree in Project Valuation at the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (ITBA), and an MBA from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Exponential Technologies and Digital Disruption.

Competitive Advantage: Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT.

Quantum Computing.

Business Growth and Development.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

E-commerce, Omnichannel, and Mobile.

Customer Journey - Experiential Marketing.

"A World without Bosses"

Strategic Business Alliances.


With captivating humor and brutal honesty, the author dissects her professional journey. She reveals what she learned along the way to navigate the pandemic of work apathy in our time and regain the desire to conquer the world.

Did you know that the vast majority of people don't like (or simply detest) their jobs? And that nearly 90% of those who leave their jobs do so because of their relationship with their direct superior? Is there an epidemic of sadistic bosses torturing devoted employees out there? This is the story of how, after encountering "horrible" bosses, experiencing office scenes that would embarrass the Marquis de Sade, enduring sleepless nights of anguish, and suppressing the urge to go out and shoot ducks with a shotgun, the author, from the pinnacle of the corporate pyramid and trapped in the famous "disguised disaster of success," was able to shake things up and outline her own project that fulfilled her.

As an expert in digital disruption, an independent director on various boards, an investor, and a meditator, Marina shares, with captivating humor and brutal honesty, her professional journey, why she chose the metaphor of ducks to talk about the fears and prejudices that prevent us from "taking flight," and what she learned along the way to navigate the pandemic of work apathy in our time and regain the desire to conquer the world.

• Why a forfeited life is a life in crisis
• How good leaders are designed
• Statistics and studies on work demotivation (and some keys to feeling motivated)
• Why so many women and men feel that their jobs are a punishment...
• How a good team provides internal security

A book about corporate life, authority, and bosses; about the pain of failures, change, and breaking free from inertia; about awakening and the ambition to reinvent ourselves. And about the motivation and capacity that we all have to become who we aspire to be.