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Marcos Piangers has been called “guru” by the UOL portal and “internet phenomenon” by O Globo. He has worked at Rede Globo and coordinated innovation teams in southern Brazil. Marcos Piangers has spoken at the biggest events and companies in Brazil, and on stages in Portugal and England, in addition to being a five-time speaker at TEDx, the largest conference of ideas in the world.


He is a writer, journalist, host and, above all, a defender of innovation. He has worked with digital platforms (Globo Media) and communication since 2001.


As an expert in innovation, Marcos Piangers explains his concept of the technological revolution, the characteristics of modern companies like Uber and WhatsApp, what scenarios we can expect in the near future, how to see new technologies as opportunities — and not threats, what is the most common characteristic among innovative companies or the importance of economic crises for innovation.

Likewise, Marcos Piangers disagrees with the idea that we have of technology as a destroyer of jobs, but he defends that it will be necessary to change mentality to adapt. Marcos Piangers deciphers the changes and provides the perceived trends on the changes in the new work structures. He shares the findings of his Back To Humans project, the research lab that has interviewed hundreds of professionals in six different countries and charts a more humane path, highlighting soft skills and emotional intelligence.

He also believes that educational institutions do not prepare children for the future context in which they will live, and that taking advantage of the knowledge available on the Internet will be essential for a better understanding of everything that surrounds us.

Marcos Piangers is the author of the bestselling book «Dad is Cool», with over 500,000 copies sold in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, England and the United States and called by Portuguese magazines “the coolest father in Brazil”. He participates in the literary project «Letters To My Young Self», which has featured Paul McCartney and Jamie Oliver.

With more than 5 million fans on social media, he was among the best influencers of 2020 in the category “behavior” of the iBest Award and won the 2020 Influencers Award.


In 2022, «Dad is Cool» was to cinemas, performed by Lázaro Ramos and Paolla Oliveira.


His videos have reached +500 billion views on the internet and his lecture was the highest rated for two years at the largest digital marketing event in Latin America.

Innovation, Technology & Creativity: A quick look at the future.

One of the most praised presentations from Brazil, Piangers talks about technology, digital opportunities, how innovation happens and what we need to keep up with the new times. Understand the 4 characteristics of innovative companies and how a connected world is changing brands, professions and people. With more than two hundred presentations for large companies, advertising agencies, colleges and events focused on the most diverse areas, Piangers talks about the future and trends with a lot of humor.

The Future of Work and Work of the Future.

Decipher changes and bring perceived trends about changes of work. Piangers shares the findings of his Back To Humans project, the research laboratory that has interviewed hundreds of professionals in six different countries. This was the most highly rated lecture at the largest Marketing and Sales event in Latin America and draws a more human path, highlighting soft skills and emotional intelligence.

The School of Future: Insights for a new way to learn and teach.

Written in partnership with the doctor, professor and researcher Gustavo Borba, the book THE SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE makes reflections on what pupils, parents and teachers want (and need) for the future of education. New ways of learning, valuing human contact and building values, the relationship with technological tools and trends for the near future that inspires and calls to the responsibility of creating a new generation better than ours.

Purpose: The change you make in the world.

A new inspirational lecture that talks about protagonism and attitude to go beyond.This presentation deconstructs myths about motivation and reveals what really inspires teams in modern times. What are the pitfalls that keep us from achieving the result we want? How can we transform our life into something that has meaning?.

Family Relationships and connections that matters: Dad is Cool.

Marcos Piangers talks about the impact of fatherhood on a man's life, the new conception of a modern father and how to learn from his children day by day to be happier and more balanced. Listen to funny and exciting stories of a father dazzled by the beauty of a human being's greatest mission: to prepare another person for the world and the world for another person. A touching talk that has already charmed crowds in businesses, universities and major events.


So, you're gonna be a father. You know you need to buy a bigger house. You need more room for the child. You need more than a one-bedroom apartment. You must have a new crib―you can't use the one your neighbor said you could borrow. And you know you gotta replace your car. It must have six airbags at least. It must come with an AC straight from the manufacturer.

What comedian Marcos Piangers found out when he became a young parent is that all these concerns don't make any difference. It's not worth it to pay for the best daycare, if you're the last one picking up your child. It isn't about buying the most expensive gifts, because children really like playing games that are available for free.

What the entertaining and emotional stories in Dad's Cool show us is that, deep down, you only need to be there―not physically there while thinking about something else, but REALLY there.