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We are in the early stages of the 4th industrial revolution. With the emergence of exponential technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Drones, Genomics, Clean Energy etc., this new industrial revolution will hugely impact society, organizations and individuals alike; and its consequences will not only be greater than in previous industrial revolutions, they will be felt faster than ever before.

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Francisco Palao inspires and helps organizations around the world with their digital transformation process where the principal aim is to turn their business into a new Exponential Organization. From his extensive experience, Francisco has developed a selection of key innovative and disruptive methodologies which are recognized by a large number of professionals and businesses throughout the world.


Francisco Palao has been honored with several prestigious international recognitions and was granted the TR35 award by MIT, honoring the Top Innovators under 35.


Currently, Francisco Palao is the creator and founder of the Purpose Alliance, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to empower extraordinary people to create the future and generate exponential solutions that have a positive impact on the world. In addition, he is the creator of Purpose Launchpad, an agile framework focused on guiding entrepreneurs and organizations to innovate properly and get the right mindset.

Previously, he was the founder of several companies, including LeanMonitor, a cloud-based platform acquired by in 2014, which aims to help large organizations and startups implement startup principles and improve their innovation strategies. He also founded Nativoo, an artificial intelligence-based platform for personalized tourism, acquired by SBTUR in 2012, and IActive, a high-tech company focused on artificial intelligence.

Francisco Palao is co-author with Salim Ismail of the book “Exponential Transformation”, where he presents a step-by-step guide for any organization that wants to anticipate the disruption of the industry and take advantage of the opportunities that exponential technologies present. He is also the author of “Massive Transformative Purpose” (2020) and «Positive Impact», where he exposes the mentality that we need to adopt to improve the world and our business projects, whether they are startups or large organizations.


Francisco Palao collaborates with leading business schools and universities, such as Singularity University and IE Business School, teaching entrepreneurship, disruptive innovation, and exponential technologies.


Doctor in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Granada and an Executive MBA from IE Business School. He is also a Singularity University graduate student and was mentored directly by Steve Blank on Lean Startup Methodologies at Berkeley University.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Exponential Organizations.

Positive Impact: The Purpose Launchpad mindset and framework to improve your startup, your organization and the world.

Massive Transformative Purpose.

Rising with the Millenials.

New models of innovation and entrepreneurship.

POSITIVE IMPACT: The Purpose Launchpad mindset and framework to improve your startup, your organization and the world.

Today we have in our hands the ability to evolve our environment and to make positive changes in the world. We have access to technologies that a few years ago would have been considered science fiction: the internet, drones, artificial intelligence and 3D printers, among many others.

In parallel, we are witnessing a global awakening. Society is understanding that we can not only do something, but that we must do something to change things. This awakening is generating a new movement of doers, entrepreneurs and organizations that direct their activities to improve the world.

All of them, aware of their power, are getting down to work to create solutions to the problems that most concern society, without waiting for the solution to come from governments or large institutions.

The great challenges of humanity are, at the same time, the greatest business opportunities. However, what differentiates people and organizations that succeed in their projects is not mere access to technology or knowledge. The differential key to success is the mentality, that is, the way of seeing the world, the way of facing challenges and the way in which we solve them.

This book deals precisely with this point: what is the mentality that we need to adopt to improve the world and our business projects, whether they are startups or large organizations. To do this, it presents real stories, as well as a new and increasingly recognized framework called Purpose Launchpad that facilitates the implementation of the right mindset and tools to improve the world and our own projects.

Because, today more than ever, any person or organization can create a positive impact.

POSITIVE IMPACT: The Purpose Launchpad mindset and framework to improve your startup, your organization and the world.


Everyone needs to give direction to their lives and orientate their professional and personal development in the way that makes them feel alive.
This book offers a practical guide to enable any person to find their purpose in life, their north star or internal compass that will guide their path and decisions. The workbook consists of nine steps enabling the individual to connect with themselves and define their MTP.

In addition, the book presents a tool, MTP Canvas, that will help them through the process and allow them not only to define all the elements of their purpose but also to communicate the message to others in the best way possible.

This book is currently in Spanish. If you wish to translate it to your own language.


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