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Humanitarian, Businessman, Pop Star and Broadcaster

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Best known for organizing the mammoth Live Aid extravaganza and political activism on behalf of Africa, Sir Bob Geldof was the founder of the widely acclaimed pop group The Boom Town Rats and has had an illustrious singing/songwriting career spanning 25 years.

As the inspirational force and leader behind Band Aid, Live Aid, and Sport Aid, Bob Geldofraised more than $120 million for famine relief in Africa from 1984 to 1986 and organized simultaneous concerts in London and Philadelphia to raise £50 million. He remains chairman of the Band Aid Trust.

Bob Geldof has been awarded numerous honors for his work, including a knighthood in 1986, a UN World Hunger Award, FAO Medal, EEC Gold Medal, Irish Peace Prize, and several other foreign state awards. Bob Geldof has been nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize and was made a freeman of the City of Newcastle in 1986.

An astute businessman, Bob Geldof, together with Charlie Parsons and Waheed Alli, formed the multi-award-winning Planet 24. A radio and television production company, it has become one of the largest independent television production companies in the UK through its daily broadcasts, which amount to over 600 hours of UK television per annum.

Planet 24 Radio has produced a string of successful shows for all BBC radio channels and the BBC World Service. The company supplies all the daily entertainment output to IRN and it provides daily syndicated programs worldwide to some 1000 stations in Australia, the US, the Far East, and Africa. Planet 24’s television interests are now expanding internationally with a cable music venture in Poland and Planet 24 America is working on a number of projects with the Disney Corporation.

Incredibly well informed, Sir Bob Geldof is not only knowledgeable about African famines and aid organizations, but also about London and Washington politics. His presentations are highly provocative and inspiring, as he motivates his audiences by sharing his own personal experiences and the lessons he learned from Live Aid.



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Achieving the Impossible

Globalisation and the World’s Econom

Bob Geldof in Africa

Bob Geldof first visited Africa in 1984. The following year, Live Aid inspired a generation to raise millions for the starving in Africa.

Over 20 years on, passion undiminished, Geldof returns to what he calls the Luminous Continent. This is his personal diary. Unflinchingly honest, Geldof in Africa paints a unique picture of this extraordinary and beautiful land.

Bob Geldof in Africa

Is That It?

Bob Geldof formed Band Aid, orchestrated Live Aid, and is the driving force behind Live 8. He has rallied the forces of rock performers all over the world and inspired millions to raise millions for the starving in Africa. He has met with world leaders and demanded that they change their aid policies. He has travelled in Africa and seen famine first-hand, and he has overseen the disbursement of the millions that Band Aid has raised. In this vividly honest autobiography, written with wit, candour and characteristic energy, Geldof recounts his extraordinary childhood in Dublin and schooldays that were both horrifying and funny. He describes the origins of New Wave music and the beginnings, triumphs, and eventual eclipse of the Boomtown Rats. He writes of his years with Paula Yates, the formation of Band Aid and its achievements and he writes of his hopes for the future. Widely admired, Bob Geldof is nonetheless ferociously independent and remains the most charismatic and controversial public figure in Britain today

Is That It?

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