Paulo Miguel Pereira da Silva

CEO at Renova

Leading expert on business management

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Paulo Miguel Pereira da Silva was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1961. He was admitted to the École Polytéchnique Fédérale de Lausanne in 1978, where he graduated in Physics Engineering. During his University years he used some of his free time travelling through Europe, acquiring social and cultural skills that came to motivate his interests in the Arts and Humanities.

Paulo Miguel Pereira da Silva began his professional path in 1984, having initially developed a career in industrial operations management at Renova. At that time the company was making considerable investments in order to modernize its productive technologies and operations.

Paulo Miguel Pereira da Silva was later appointed as Production Director, the highest industrial management ranking position at Renova SA. In 1991 he joined Renova’s Board of Administration, having been ever since a strong advocate and main precursor of a responsible environmental company policy. During the nineties Renova also initiated its commercial operations in Spain.

Paulo Miguel Pereira da Silva was appointed President of the Board and General Manager of the Renova Group of companies in 1995, having had a decisive and profound effect on the company strategy, marketing and commercial guidance.

Having set the clear goal for Renova to become a strong brand, Paulo Miguel Pereira da Silva is also responsible for the expansion of commercial operations into France, Luxembourg and Belgium, as well as for a major gradual transformation of Renova’s corporate and products image, and for the current strong innovative reputation the company holds in the marketplaces, national and international.

During his career Paulo Miguel Pereira da Silva has been honored with several awards as: Awarded the “Grande Oficial da Ordem do Mérito Industrial”, by the President of the Portuguese Republic (2006), Awarded the Merit Medal by the Economical County – City Hall tribute for international development (2006) and Several professional awards in Portugal and Spain.