Nicole Yershon



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It’s very easy to look around and think the world is stacked against you. Everywhere you look there’s out-dated systems, and crazy procedures. Processes that seem designed to reward the lazy. They waste valuable resources and promote the mediocre. If you do nothing you may well spend your entire adult life having the imagination and inspiration sucked right out of you. You’ve got two choices, you can let it crush you or you can push back and write your own rules.


Nicole Yershon is a consultant, speaker, mentor and connector with a broad experience of bringing organisations into the 21st Century. She is a radical entrepreneurial spirit with a vast International network of startups, a ‘why not’ attitude and ability to translate business problems into innovation opportunities, delivering real value to businesses faced with transformation wrought by digital disruption.

With 30 years experience working in the world of advertising, and as Founder of Ogilvy & Mather’s Innovation offering, Ogilvy Labs, Nicole knows what it means to make innovation work.

Nicole acts as a consultant for agencies of all sizes on client projects and campaigns in need of innovation expertise. Also she acts as an advisor to small media and creative agencies looking to up their innovation capacity and offerings for clients.

In addition, she advises startups of all shapes and sizes, and is a sporadic Angel investor. Two of her recent investments are Century and Science: Disrupt. Nicole is passionate about spotting and growing Future Talent in the Creative industries, working with organisations such as School of Communication Arts, The Ideas College, Media Sandbox, Ravensbourne & the British Council Young Entrepreneur Awards. Also she judges startup, innovation and marketing competitions around the world, using her expert knowledge to separate fad from disruptor.

She is bestselling author of «Rough Diamond: Turning Disruption Into Advantage in Business and Life», a great insight into how to make things happen, nurture people in the workplace, and believe in yourself. Truly inspiring.

Nicole Yershon is invited to the most exclusive International events where she meets some of the most inspiring innovators on the planet, acting as eyes and ears on the ground for many clients. On the other hand she is on several governing boards advising governmental and other policy bodies around UK innovation, opening up her network beyond the corporate and startup world.

In her keynote talk, Nicole Yershon shares her story and the lessons learned from her career so far.