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Member of President´s Biden Export Council. President, Advanced Leadership Foundation.

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Juan Verde is a renowned international strategist in both the private and public sectors. As a professional, he designs innovative solutions to attract foreign investments, establish strategic alliances, and specializes in sustainable economics.

He is a member of the Presidential Advisory Council for President Biden (President’s Export Council), an advisory body to the White House on issues related to foreign trade and the competitiveness of the United States in international markets. During the Obama administration, Juan Verde served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Europe and Eurasia at the U.S. Department of Commerce.

As a White House appointee, he led the department’s efforts to address trade policy and market access issues faced by American companies. Additionally, he was responsible for developing policies and programs to foster economic and trade relations with 52 countries in the region.


He also worked during Bill Clinton’s second term as an International Trade Advisor for the U.S. Department of Commerce, initially in the Office of Latin America and later in the Minority Business Development Agency.


In the political sphere, he has supported various candidates for several decades. Recently, he contributed to the Biden-Harris presidential campaign as an advisor and participated in numerous fundraising campaigns. He served as the president of Americans Abroad for Biden. He has also worked with prominent figures such as former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Al Gore, the late Senator Ted Kennedy, and former Secretary of State John Kerry.

In the private sector, he has consulted for various prestigious companies and institutions, including Google, Cisco, SAS, American Express, Banco Santander Investments US, Inter-American Development Bank, Harvard University, and the World Bank. He is a member of the Board of Directors of HISPASAT, the leading satellite communications operator in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America, and a member of the Advisory Board of Airbus. In the public sector, he has worked with the governments of the United States, Lithuania, and Gibraltar, as well as numerous presidents, governors, and mayors in Latin America.


Furthermore, he collaborated with former Vice President Al Gore to establish and lead branches of his foundation, the “Climate Reality Project,” in Spain and Argentina, and he was invited to participate in the UN Climate Conferences, COP25 and COP26.


Currently, he presides over the Advanced Leadership Foundation, a non-profit American institution whose mission is to empower the next generation of leaders through the development of professional skills to enhance their competitiveness as agents of change in society.

Among other recognitions, he has been named one of the 100 most influential Hispanic leaders in the fight against climate change for two consecutive years and one of the TOP100 Disruptive Executives and Leaders of 2021.

Juan Verde holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard University and graduated Cum Laude in Political Science and International Relations from Boston University. Additionally, he has completed additional studies at Georgetown University and Tufts University.


GREEN ECONOMY: Sustainability, circular economy, and transition to a new economic model.

Juan Verde approaches this topic not only from an ethical or moral standpoint, but also from a business and competitiveness perspective, addressing the challenges and opportunities that climate change and a more sustainable economy will bring.

Climate change is, according to science, a serious and real threat to the global economy. The transition to a low-emission economic model is already underway and has been accelerated by the pandemic. Global business trends can be observed pointing towards sustainability. Juan analyzes how financial institutions, multilateral entities, and venture capital are shifting towards more sustainable investments. Consumer behavior is also shifting, opting for more natural and sustainable products. Regulatory pressure and political will, both in Europe and globally, are driving this change.

Overall, there is compelling evidence that we are moving towards a low-emission model, which generates optimism and calls for individual and collective action to advance towards a more sustainable world.

INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND GLOBAL ECONOMY: Successful strategies and opportunities for international trade.

“Internationalization is within reach of every company, but not without first carrying out a process of analysis and preparation. Nowadays, internationalization is more of a necessity than an option, since creating projects that can be adapted to diff erent markets is mandatory." - Juan Verde

Juan Verde served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Europe and Eurasia at the U.S. Department of Commerce and is currently a member of President Biden’s Exports Council, where he advises the White House on trade-related issues, and expanding opportunities for American exports and businesses abroad.

Along with extensive knowledge from his long career as a consultant in internationalization processes for several companies like Santander Bank in the United States, Cisco, Microsoft and ABB, and organizations including the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, these experiences enable him to provide a broad vision on how and why you should internationalize your company.

The key points off ered in this speech can be applied to any kind of institution or company seeking to improve its competitiveness and spur higher growth.


The economic recovery plans and the current geostrategic situation represent a great opportunity to shape a new economic model and a more sustainable, just, and equitable world.

Juan Verde thoroughly analyzes the interconnectedness of global policies, economics, and sustainability, shedding light on their impacts on trade and international relations. From dissecting trends like the growing green economy to shift s in global alliances, he provides valuable insights into strategic decision-making processes.

Additionally, Juan Verde emphasizes the necessity of adaptation and innovation in this evolving landscape, off ering practical guidance for both companies and governments to thrive in this new global context. Recognizing the complexity of geopolitical trends, he provides valuable foresight to navigate future challenges effectively.

DREAM IT, ACHIEVE IT: From the Canary Islands to the White House.

Welcome to a journey of inspiration, transformation, and empowerment. Juan Verde will show you how to turn your dreams into tangible realities.

This conference goes beyond mere words; it is a bridge to ideas and experiences that will inspire your life and career. We will explore lessons learned from global leaders and Juan Verde's own journey, highlighting the importance of taking risks, passion, and the power to improve society.

Juan Verde will share pivotal personal moments, from an unexpected turn in China to his studies at Harvard and the transition to the private sector. These experiences shaped his vision and can illuminate your path.

Every challenge is an opportunity to grow and take action. In his book 'DREAM IT, ACHIEVE IT', Juan Verde not only shares his story but also invites each person to discover and unleash their own transformative potential.