Chris Roebuck

Global Leadership and Organizational Performance Expert.

Delivering success in a challenging world.

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Seeing people leave his keynotes smiling and inspired for action is what in turn inspires Chris to speak, helping people become their better selves.


Every day we go to work it’s in the hope that everything runs perfectly. But that rarely ever happens. Events blow us off track or distract us creating challenges we need to beat. Chris Roebuck, calls these orgmines, organisational landmines. If ignored, they build into disasters. Recall the Financial Crisis, Kodaks decline, Erons scandal and tragedy of the Gulf of Mexico? Started small, got ignored, blew up.

To beat these challenges Chris Roebuck delivers inspiring and interactive keynotes, both remote and face to face, which enable audiences to realise and then unleash their own hidden potential to start to make a difference and succeed as soon as they leave the room. All powered by “Explosive Energy”.

That’s possible because Chris has a unique perspective and step by step system to make success happen day to day based on a unique combination of perspectives other speakers just don’t have:

  • Financial insight as an economist
  • Personal experience as a leader in business, military and government.
  • Leading edge insights in his role as Honorary Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership and 9 times HR Most Influential Thinker award nominee which allow him to combine his experience with success stories from around the world.
  • Understanding the drivers of how we think and feel via his 2019 qualification as a neuroscience accredited executive coach so he can show his audiences how to use their full brain power, and that of those around them, to make success a reality.

This ensures Chris keynotes inform, engage, challenge, build insight and inspire the audience to take real and immediate actions which then inspire others and are financially rewarding for their organisations. His feedback is consistently excellent, even with audiences of military leaders already trained and experienced to the highest level.


Chris Roebuck has already shown over 21,000 leaders in over 1.500 organisations globally via over 250 keynotes how they can discover their secrets of success in a way that meets and beats their organisations specific challenges.


He has done this across sector, culture and geography – UBS, HSBC, KPMG & London Underground, legal firms to construction, tech and IT, to retail, facilities to scientific research, police to not for profit, pharmaceutical to SMEs. From the UK National Health Service of 1.4m staff and UK Government to the Red Cross in Myanmar, from Investment banks in London to Middle East Telecoms, from the Chinese Space Programme leaders to HR Directors in India and global retail CEOs in Rome.

When Global Head of Leadership at UBS, 70,000 staff & 100 countries, his team helped the bank transform organisational performance to increase profitability by 235%, market capitalisation by 50% and win numerous awards. This is now a Harvard Case Study.

Chris has been quoted as a business leadership expert globally in the Harvard Business Review China, FT, Wall Street Journal, Le Monde, New York Times, Business Week, Time Magazine, Washington Post, Times of India, Straits & Gulf Times and many other titles. He judges business awards and has done over 350 TV interviews on leadership and business on BBC, Sky, Bloomberg, Al Zazeera, CNBC & CNN. He’s also skied at 60mph by accident.

Everything Chris does is focused on giving his best for audiences, delivering insight, understanding and inspiration for action, so they can give their best and inspire others to do the same.