Chris Roebuck

Expert on Leadership and Organisational Performance

Delivering success in a challenging world.

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Chris Roebuck is an expert on helping organisations achieve world class performance though developing entrepreneurial leaders. He has successfully developed entrepreneurial leadership in several major organisations and originated the concept of Entrepreneurial support functions, in particular Entrepreneurial HR. This holistic approach enables organisations to maximise the performance of their people, and focus that effort to critical deliverables. It also allows them to measure the quality of their leadership, develop talent for the future and helps HR functions play a critical role in making this happen.

Chris is Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at Cass Business School, London and has held senior management roles at UBS, HSBC, KPMG, London Underground and has served as an officer in the British Army. From 2002-2006 he was Global Head of Leadership at UBS the global bank. During this period the market capitalisation of the bank rose by 15% and the project is now a Harvard Business School Case Study on transforming organisational performance and delivering results. UBS also won Best Company for Leaders in Europe 2005, Best New Global Leadership Academy and Leadership Best Practice and Excellence Awards.

Chris Roebuck is currently developing a case study with Aston Martin on delivering excellent customer service through entrepreneurial leadership and employee engagement. The ability for leaders to be able to energise staff to engage customers and build the brand is key to success but often forgotten. This case will be available worldwide when finalised and be included in his book on Mach2 leadership due to be published in the summer. He has authored several books, including Effective Leadership that was translated into 11 different languages.

Chris has been interviewed on business and leadership issues over 160 times on BBC UK and World, ITV, Sky, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, Al Jazzera, Swiss and Russian TV. He has contributed to the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Washington Post, New York Times, Le Monde, Arab News China Securities Journal,Times of India, and over 30 other leading global publications. He also has columns in CEO and HR Magazines and a popular regular blog.

In May 2012 Chris was invited to become a Companion of the Chartered Management Institute, the professional body for corporate leaders. This honour was in recognition of his work in leading the improvement of leadership and management practice in organisations globally. Chris Roebuck was also nominated in 2011 as one of the top 20 most influential HR thinkers and has judged a number of HR and leadership awards. He advises professional and thought leadership bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), Kings Fund, the Corporate Leadership Council, and the Financial Times Non-Executive Director Club.

Chris Roebuck emphasises the simple, practical steps than can be taken quickly to deliver real improvements at all levels, so that those he works with can go and make a real difference at once, for themselves, their teams and the organisation.

Delivering success more often and more effectively.

For any team in any part of any organisation their job is simple – deliver what needs to be done. But in the challenging world we live in this is far from easy. In fact many leaders say that more initiatives fail than are fully implemented over their careers. Chris shows how any leader, functional area or whole organisation can ensure that its delivers success more effectively and more often through more effective leverage of existing experience. From the Executive team to HR, operations, legal, marketing, production and customer service Chris approach works to potentially transform performance.

How to be 25% more successful using what you already know!

• What really drives success between people, with customers, in teams and for organisations
• What key skills do you need to develop
• How to use your own experience as the driver of success
• The secrets of business lessons and neuroscience you need to know and use to get the best from yourself and others
• How to be seen as a great team member, leader or influencer
• The data which proves you can be 25% more successful
• Simple actions to make it happen.

This is a fast moving keynote which will inspire audiences with a positive attitude and a clear plan to succeed.

M&A and integration.

The majority of M&A don’t reach full potential due to leadership failure

Audience : those working on mergers, acquisitions or integration

• Successful mergers and integration through inspirational leadership – being the best of both

Human Resources.

• Human Resources as a catalyst for success”.

Risk Management / Legal.

Audience risk professionals and possibly in house legal.

• The ultimate operational risk and legal solution.

• Effective risk management via culture not process.


80% of change or initiatives never reach potential this helps leaders dramatically improve this.

Audience : anyone engaged in change.

• Successful change – 2 steps to making work then stick.

Customer Focus.

It is a fact that customer service is more effective when employees have effective leaders

• Maximizing customer service - in just 2 steps.

• Inspiring your people to deliver best customer service.

Brand and Marketing.

Creating an environment where every employee is a proactive brand ambassador.

• Every employee as a Brand ambassador – your route to success

• Marketings greatest secret asset, your employees – unleash the power


Audience : All leaders / groups wanting to be more innovative

• Creating success through innovative thinking

• Enabling breakthrough innovation via breakthrough leadership

• How effective leadership drives significantly better innovation in organizations

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