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Fernando Trias de Bes, Economist, MBA from ESADE and The University of Michigan. His permanent research in the fields of economy and society, added to his non-conformist philosophy and capacity for analysis, make Trías de Bes an excellent benchmark in disruptive innovation and one of the leading Spanish experts in everything related to the management of companies and organizations.

Fernando Trias de Bes is one of the leading Spanish economists and an international writer of both economic and business essays and fiction. He is the author of 21 essays and novels and writes about 100 articles a year. Some of his published books include: Good Luck (together with Álex Rovira), A Different History of the World, The Nash Solution, Exceptional Beings, The Reconquest of Creativity and The Great Change, among many others.


His books have been translated into a total of 40 languages and he has sold more than five million copies among all his titles.


Knowing the theory, techniques and recent findings on innovation, he is also the only Spanish co-author with Philip Kotler. Among the books co-authored with the global marketing guru are: “Winning at Innovation”, awarded with the Management Gold Award as the best innovation book of the year by the Chartered Management Institute, and “Lateral Marketing”, considered the most disruptive book in innovation commercial and business in recent years.


Fernando Trías de Bes collaborates weekly in the “Dinero” supplement of La Vanguardia, in Diari ARA, in the economic newspaper ON Economía and directs in Las Tardes de la COPE Economía de Bolsillo, an economics section that brings current economic and business issues closer to everyone the public ones.


According to Fernando Trias de Bes, there is no future without innovation. Companies must transform their organization into an innovative ecosystem, managing change, creativity, innovation and their value networks in a completely different way. In his opinion, not only will the life of the products be shorter, but also the business and organizational models.

His humanistic vision of the economy and his proximity to business management make Trías de Bes an exceptional communicator. Since 2003, he has been invited as a speaker at hundreds of congresses and events, addressing economic, innovation and creativity issues with special emphasis on the professional skills essential for business transformation. Throughout his career, he has provided training to thousands of managers through more than 500 conferences or training programs aimed at senior management.

Recent findings on Innovation, Creativity, Change and New Business Models.

Cross-cutting skills to innovate: uncertainty management, change management, fear management, resources and relationships in the digital age.

The new value chain: new business models for a new social, economic and technological reality.

Exceptional Beings: personal skills that make organizations excellent.

Commercial & Business Innovation.


Against all the forecasts that predict an acute and serious economic recession after the COVID-19 pandemic, Fernando Trías de Bes, one of the most recognized economists in our country, presents us with The Nash solution, an intelligent, groundbreaking and optimistic proposal to recover quickly.

We are facing the biggest economic recession since the crash of 1929 and the financial crisis of 2008, but this will only be the case if we react by letting fear guide our decisions and acting individually. "For fear of being fired, I will stop using," thinks the citizen; "For fear that citizens will not consume, I will reduce staff," thinks the businessman.

This book reveals a possible economic strategy to avoid a long and deep recession from the COVID-19 pandemic. Trías de Bes has dubbed it the Nash solution.

The Nobel Prize winner in Economics John Nash defended that there are situations in which the best individual option of economic agents leads to the worst case scenario for the whole. The economy is now in such a situation. The Nash solution consists of two measures: the purchase of time by the State and the orchestration between economic agents.

It is in everyone's hands that the COVID-19 crisis is in an economic downtime. And something even more important: if we overcome fear and the State buys time, we will show that, thanks to digital communication, the union of individual and collective interest can be achieved while preserving individual freedom of decision.



After the sales phenomenon of Good luck, Álex Rovira and Fernando Trías de Bes believed they had achieved success and, with it, the freedom to live according to their wishes. However, they still had a long way to go before they reached something more important: vital freedom.

In this book, the authors discover the keys to letting go of limiting beliefs and how to achieve the seven keys that will allow us to live according to our essence: the key of belief, the key of judgment, the key of achievement, the key of enjoyment. , the key of surrender, the key of identity and the key of being. On this journey of liberation he accompanies us at the beginning of each chapter "The enigma of the seven keys", an inspiring story in the style of One Thousand and One Nights.

Because the secret is not to be free, but not to be a slave. A full life is only possible from vital freedom.


Good Luck: Creating the Conditions for Success in Life and Business (coauthor with Alex Rovira)

Good Luck is a whimsical fable that teaches a valuable lesson: good luck doesn't just come your way it's up to you to create the conditions to bring yourself good luck. Written by Alex Rovira and Fernando Trias de Bes two leading marketing consultants this simple tale is universally applicable and uniquely inspirational. Good Luck tells the touching story of two old men, Max and Jim, who meet by chance in Central Park fifty years after they last saw each other as children. Max achieved great success in life; Jim sadly did not. The secret to Max's success lies in a story his grandfather told him long ago. This story within a story has a tone reminiscent of the classic The Alchemist and shows how to seize opportunity and achieve success in life. In a surprise ending, Good Luck comes full circle, offering the reader inspiration, instruction, and an engaging tale.

Good Luck: Creating the Conditions for Success in Life and Business (coauthor with Alex Rovira)

Little Black Book of Entrepreneurship

Most entrepreneur guides focus on the mechanics of raising capital, drafting a business plan, and handling licensing, but they overlook the serious self-reflection that is required in the decision to launch a business. And most of the literature is obsessed with success stories, while ignoring the much more illuminating and instructional lessons that can be learned from failure. Featuring interviews and anecdotes from the author's nearly 20 years as an entrepreneur, THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP identifies the 14 Key Failure Factors that every aspiring entrepreneur should be aware of before signing the papers.

"Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of any economy, and yet over 90 percent of new entrepreneurial ventures fail. By forewarning would-be entrepreneurs about the 14 causes of failure, this book's thoughtful dose of reality will raise the quality of entrepreneurship by deterring misguided ventures and increasing the number of informed, successful start-ups." --Philip Kotler, author of Principles of Marketing and Marketing Management

Little Black Book of Entrepreneurship

Winning at Innovation (coauthor with Philip Kotler)

Innovation is a priority for many organizations who want to grow and develop in the post-recession economies. Companies need a systematic framework so innovation can occur at different levels of the organization. Philip Kotler and Fernando Trías de Bes, two of the world's leading experts in marketing and innovation, together present a revolutionary model for innovation.

Winning at Innovation (coauthor with Philip Kotler)

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