Aron Ralston

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The inspiration for the film 127 Hours

Aron Ralston speaker, keynote speech

Aron delivers customized presentations about his canyon entrapment and self-rescue that remind audiences of their indomitable resolve to overcome their own “boulders”.


In 2003, Aron Ralston ′s extraordinary human drama grabbed headlines around the world. Now, his remarkable story is commanding the spotlight again and is captured in the brilliant film, 127 Hours.

An experienced climber and avid outdoorsman, Aron Ralston was descending a remote Utah canyon alone when an 800-pound boulder broke loose, crushing his right hand and pinning him against the canyon wall. After nearly five days — without water and with no hope of escape — Aron Ralston made a life-or-death decision. He chose life by severing his arm below the elbow, rappelling a 65-foot cliff out of the canyon, and trekking seven miles to find his would-be rescuers.

Aron Ralston documented his life-altering experience in the New York Times best-selling memoir, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, which has been adapted for the big screen by Danny Boyle, the Academy Award-winning director of Slumdog Millionaire. The film stars James Franco as Ralston, and his performance, as well as the movie, have been nominated for numerous awards.

As an inspirational speaker, Aron Ralston moves audiences with his unforgettable story. An ordinary man pushed to the limits, Aron Ralston demonstrates the human capacity for the extraordinary. He takes you on a riveting journey in which courage, perseverance, and human will defy the inevitable outcome. Today Aron Ralstton is not only an avid adventurer but also a committed advocate for environmental causes and wilderness conservation.

127 Hours: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

"There is no force more powerful than the will to live," explains Aron Ralston, who faced an unimaginable challenge with his life-or-death decision. An ordinary man who was pushed to the extreme, he demonstrates the human capacity for the extraordinary, proving anyone can survive the most grueling circumstances. A talented storyteller, Ralston recounts his ordeal, shedding new light on the meaning of sacrifice, and on what is truly important.


Aron Ralston, an experienced twenty-seven-year-old outdoorsman, was on a day’s solitary hike through a remote and narrow Utah canyon when he dislodged an eight-hundred- pound boulder that crushed his right hand and wrist against the canyon wall. Emerging from the searing pain, Aron found himself completely stuck. No one knew where he was; no one was coming to rescue him. With scant water and food, and a cheap pocketknife his only tool, he eliminated his options one by one. On the fifth night, wracked by delirium and uncontrollable shivers, Aron scratched his epitaph into the rock wall, certain he would not see daylight.

Yet with the new morning came an epiphany: if he could use the rock’s vise-like hold to break his arm bones, his blunted pocketknife could serve as a surgeon’s blade. . . .