Daniela Rus



Daniela Rus, speaker, MIT, AI, robotics, keynote

Daniela Rus is the first woman to be Director of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT and she is paving the path for a future where robots will naturally integrate into the fabric of human life. As a technology-optimist, Rus shares her excitement and extensive knowledge of what lies ahead for the future of humanity. She is especially interested in how machines collaborate with each other and with people in order to achieve a common goal, to be weaved into society, improving the livelihoods of many.

As Director of CSAIL, which is MIT’s largest research organization with over 1000 researchers, Rus and her team focus on inventing the future of computing and making the world better through computing. In 2019, Rus became the Deputy Dean of Research for MIT’s Schwarzman College of Computing.

Her groundbreaking research at MIT in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and robotics, aims to create a future in which machines support people with cognitive and physical tasks. Rus’ work gives a glimpse of what technology means for the future of humanity and the work of the future, and sees the role of machines as supporting people in their work by taking on the routine aspects of work.


Her innovative work in AI and robotics allows an opportunity to bridge the gap between machines and people. For example, leading the MIT Fifth Sense Project team with the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, Rus’ project of developing wearable devices for blind and low-vision people is only the start of revolutionizing daily life.


Daniela Rus focus in the science and engineering of autonomy that will be weaved into our transportation, manufacturing, creation of smart cities, medicine and sustainability. The services of traffic safety, medical diagnoses partnered with incision-free surgeries,, treatment and environmental protection, customized manufacturing, efficient transportation of people and goods are some of Rus’ concrete directions of her impactful research.

Daniela Rus is a member of the MIT Work of the Future task force and is a co-chair with the AI and the Future of Work Symposia, and has hosted several annual meetings. In addition, she opened MIT’s 2019 Conference, sharing her diverging views on how artificial intelligence will impact jobs worldwide.

AI is among the technologies of the future with broadest potential for business and societal impact. The AI field is not just growing, it is exploding. CEOs believe it will significantly change the way they do business. AI has helped companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple become some the largest companies in the world. Working together with AI systems, humans can augment and amplify many aspects of work and life.

In her talks, Daniela can discuss the recent trends in AI, applications to finance and new advances that aim to enable the pervasive use of machines to assist humans with cognitive and physical tasks.