Ichiro Fujisaki

Ambassador of Japan to the United States of America (2008-2012)

President of the America-Japan Society Inc.

Ichiro Fujisaki speaker, keynotes, conferences

Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki provides insights and perspectives on the future of international relations including the Asia-Pacific region.


Ichiro Fujisaki has been Japan’s top diplomat for the economy and trade, as well as political, security and regional issues. He served as ambassador to the United States following his service as Japan’s ambassador to the United Nations and World Trade Organization in Geneva. Due to Japan’s constantly changing political leadership, Ichiro Fujisaki became the key interlocutor between Japan and the U.S. especially during the critical period following the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident in March 2011.

In Washington as well as in Geneva, Ichiro Fujisaki quickly became famous as an individual who excels in presenting complicated matters concerning the economy, energy, security and regional issues in a succinct manner with exceptional clarity and impeccable English. His humor and informal presentations were featured in national and local print media. Prior to becoming ambassador, he served as the deputy foreign minister of Japan. With his negotiating skills and with the trust gained from different governmental ministries, he was chosen as the chief negotiator of Japan for all free trade area agreements Japan was negotiating at the time with the Republic of Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

He also initiated the regular high-level economic dialogue with China which he himself headed. In Japan’s Foreign Ministry, he has also held such posts as deputy director general for Asian Affairs and director general for North American Affairs. His overseas posts include Jakarta, Paris and London.

He is reputed as a rare Japanese speaker who engages audiences instantly with his engaging and dynamic style coupled with his vast experiences and thoughtful reasoning. Ichiro Fujisaki currently is the President of the America-Japan Society Inc., feels that attracting people from diverse fields as well as younger people and Americans who live in Japan to its programs is a must for the group to keep growing. The America-Japan Society was established in 1917 as one of the first organizations to develop a friendly relationship between the two nations during World War I, when bilateral ties were tense because of issues with China.

He also serves as Chairman, International Strategies at Sophia University in Tokyo.