Larry Hochman

Former Director of British Airways

Larry Hochman

Larry Hochman spent 10 years as a Director of British Airways and the loyalty management company, Air Miles. His roles included Director of Customer Service and Director of People and Culture. Since 1998, he has been running his own speaking, mentoring and consulting business.

Larry Hochman uses his vast insights to help companies develop a competitive advantage by focusing attention on the needs of their customers.  Larry Hochman’s ability to spot future trends has turned his theories into tangible business successes around the globe.

After managing the BA terminal at JFK for three years, Larry Hochman returned to London in 1991 and initiated and led a training programme, “Winning for Customers”, which was implemented company-wide and attended by over 50,000 BA employees.  At Air Miles he went on to create a phenomenal commercial success with an annual turnover in excess of £150m and over 1200 members of staff.

Since leaving Air Miles Larry Hochman has become one of Europe’s best known speakers, applying his expertise to the growing needs of both customers and employees.  Through his presentations he helps business leaders to “think outside the box” about the ways in which their markets will develop and to adapt their strategies to meet the challenges of the new economy.

According to Larry Hochman: “The relevant issue today and in the future is not the gathering of information (anybody can do that), but the effective use of the information to build relationships that matter”. He backs up his philosophy of focusing on customers needs with practical and actionable solutions.

Larry Hochman is an articulate and charismatic speaker and is globally recognized as a leading authority on future trends of customer service.  His presentations are inspirational and highly motivating.

Alongside his numerous speaking engagements all over the world, Larry Hochman, who pioneered corporate mentoring work in the U.K. at Air Miles, is personal mentor to several Chief Executives.

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The Relationship Revolution: Closing the Customer Promise Gap

"Larry's thoughts on customers, culture and talent are immensely valuable for any business, anywhere in the world." - Sheldon S. Wiseman, President & CEO, Amberwood Entertainment Corp. "For Larry the relationship between customers and profitability is intuitive and effortless. By reading his book you will be galvanised to do something about it at a time when it couldn't matter more." - Amanda Mackenzie, Chief Marketing Officer, Aviva "Larry Hochman understands the business zeitgeist exceptionally well. The Relationship Revolution brings together what he has learned from hundreds of customers and thousands of managers. His argument that authentic customer relationships are what will separate the winners from the also-rans is provocative, challenging and a call to action." - Dr Stan Maklan, Cranfield School of Management "If you are still denying the importance of Web 2.0, then read this wake-up call from one of the world's foremost speakers on customer relationships. If you truly value your customers then The Relationship Revolution is required reading - in every part of the world and regardless of the business you are in." - Scott Gustlin, Vice President, Interactive RTP "Finally Larry Hochman, one of the world's most popular keynote speakers, has put his wisdom into a book. His insights on management, marketing, leadership, customer service and human resources will certainly help the readers create unique the speed of life." - Santiago Zapata, Founder and President, HiCue Speakers In this long-awaited book, leading business thinker Larry Hochman maps out what you have to do to succeed in the coming decades. He gets under your customers' skin, shows you what they really want, and then takes you through what you have to do, inside and outside your organisation, to get there. Inspirational and enlightening, The Relationship Revolution should become a new 'rule book' throughout your organisation.

The Relationship Revolution: Closing the Customer Promise Gap

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