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The Most Laureate Coach of the National Spanish Basketball Team. World Champion in 2019. European Champion in 2009, 2011, 2015 & 2022.

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Sergio Scariolo (Brescia, Italy, 1961). International basketball player and later coach. Degree in Law. He is President of the “Cesare Scariolo Foundation”, a non-profit organization, which supports children suffering from leukemia and their families.

His sports record is very wide, especially highlighting the achievements with the Spanish national basketball team: World Champion in 2019, European Champion in Eurobasket 2009, 2011, 2015 and 2022, Silver Medal in the Olympic Games of London 2012 and Bronze Medal in the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

In addition to his role as the best coach in the history of the Spanish Basketball Team, Sergio Scariolo has combined this position from 2018 to 2021 with that of assistant coach in the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, also obtaining in his first season, the first NBA title in the history of the Canadian team.

From 2021 to 2023, Sergio Scariolo served as the coach of Virtus Bologna, replacing Sasha Djordjevic on the sidelines. Under Sergio Scariolo’s leadership, the legendary basketball team from the city of Bologna managed to win their first Italian league title since 2001, which is a significant achievement on their path back to the elite. During this coaching period, he also balanced his role as the national team coach for Spain.


In 2010 he joined “Aspen Institute Italia”. The mission of Aspen Institute Italia is to internationalize the country’s business, political and cultural leadership through a free exchange of ideas to identify and promote common values, knowledge and interests.


In recent years, Sergio Scariolo has been guest speaker about the topic of “Team Building” for companies such as Mondragon Group, Mailboxes, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Pepsi Cola, San Miguel, Banco Santander, Gruppo Armani, KPMG and Diageo, among others.

He has often been awarded for his personal and professional work: Coach of the Year, Italy (1994), Coach of the Year, Spain (2000), Cavaliere della Repubblica Italiana, Italy (2009), Marbella World Ambassador Gold for Sporting Merit, Spain (2015).

Prepare well to compete better.

Lead from the example.

Communicate to motivate.

Create a team for win.

The Management of the Results.


"I adore this game, a complete adoration, the expression of a thoroughly satisfying, ecstatic feeling. I love every aspect of basketball, and the more I delved into them, the more I studied them, the more I loved them, unconditionally. On the other hand, the worst, most distressing aspect of this profession has always been the loneliness for me. The moment you make a decision, you are alone: assistants, players, managers, or fans fade away, even friends. Everything becomes distant. You are alone, with your mind, with your heart, your courage, your competence, and, why not, the good or bad luck that awaits you."

Sergio Scariolo is one of the most laureated coaches in European basketball and the Spanish national team. Although Italian, he has become a true icon in our country after years of leading the best generation of Spanish basketball in history to victory. Charismatic and reflective, he has proven to be a true leader, respected on and off the court by all facets of the sport. In this book, he expresses his most intimate feelings, his thoughts on success and failure, on ambition and sacrifice. An invaluable chronicle of the most important sports battles of recent decades in Europe and the NBA.



Looking back, Sergio Scariolo confesses: The truth is, if I could have peeked through a hole to see what Spain had in store for me, I would have come sooner. Here, I went from being a young coach with a future to becoming a recognized and respected coach. From his long and illustrious career in our country's basketball, he only holds a small thorn: the fact that, especially in difficult moments and despite his numerous successes with different clubs and the national team, some still considered him a foreigner and not a Spanish adoptee.

The final of the 2012 Olympic Games in London marked the culmination of Scariolo's work with the national team: In hindsight, it can be said without fear of being wrong that it was one of the best games in the history of Spanish basketball. But the feeling we were left with was bitter. We went toe-to-toe with the Americans, had them on the ropes, touched the sky with our fingertips, but once again, it slipped away from us. Some say that the taste of silver is more bitter than that of bronze. Perhaps they are right.

As Pau Gasol explains about Sergio Scariolo's career, in every team he has been a part of, he has won titles, and there has been discipline and a solidity in the game that can only be attributed to things done right.


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