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Elsa Punset is a philosopher and leading science popularizer on the Spanish media and culture scene. A world expert in emotional intelligence as a tool for positive change, she is well known for her work on television «El Hormiguero» (The Anthill) a talk show on nationwide private station Antena 3, science program «Redes» (Networks) and culture-focused «Para todos» la 2 (Channel 2 For Everyone) on RTVE (Spanish public radio and television), as well as for being the author of bestselling informative and children’s books.

A philosopher, educator and journalist, she gives talks and workshops through the Laboratorio de Aprendizaje Social y Emocional (Social and Emotional Learning Laboratory – LASE) of which she is in charge of content. She owes her success to the balance between her brilliant academic career, her ability to connect with the public, the clarity of her explanations and the practical approach of her talks.

Her latest publication «El libro de las pequeñas revoluciones», (The Book of Small Revolutions) sold over 45,000 copies during the first month after its release and reached number 1 on the non-fiction listing. She has also written «Una mochila para el universo», (A Backpack for the Universe), a non-fiction bestseller that has been published in 14 countries, «La brújula para navegantes emocionales», (A Compass for Emotional Travelers), and many others.

Also, Elsa Punset has been worked at Cadena SER (Spanish radio broadcasting network) and Grupo Anaya (a publishing house).

She graduated in Philosophy and Arts and after obtaining a master’s in Humanities from Oxford University, was awarded a grant by the Fulbright Program to study in New York. She has a master’s in Journalism from the Autonomous University of Madrid and another in Secondary Education from the Camilo José Cela University.


How are we humans? In general, they have not taught us to understand ourselves or to manage the flow of emotions that flood us every day. The truth is that we are made of small emotional habits that dictate our daily actions, and that it is difficult for us to change these habits. In this talk, Elsa invites us to discover what skills can help us live better in a stressful world, but full of opportunities.

In this talk, aimed at large audiences, Elsa will help, in an entertaining and interactive way, to reveal the keys of an adaptable and creative brain that we can train as a muscle.


Success at work depends on many factors, and one of the most important is emotional intelligence - the ability to recognize and manage one's own and others' emotions. For companies, Elsa gives the keys to how good emotional intelligence is reflected in greater professional satisfaction and better work performance, and introduces the basic skills to communicate, innovate, solve problems, motivate ... Throughout the Elsa talk highlights clues that allow, with practice, to improve these skills.


Why is emotional intelligence relevant for groups that take care of people's health? A growing body of research shows that the skills of emotional intelligence not only facilitate the work of health professionals, but also improve the patient's prognosis. In these talks, Elsa therefore focuses on seeing, in a practical and interactive way, how EI can help manage the daily challenges of a disease.

“We have to learn each day to choose between love and fear” Elizabeth Kubler Ross


Manage our parents expectations. Support them, not live through them. This talk will be adapted to the target audience to which it is addressed: schools of parents and / or educational community, and .... It is during childhood when we plant in our children and students the foundations of an emotionally intelligent brain; It is his childhood a unique opportunity to rediscover us, and to be able to guide our children and students so that they can consolidate basic skills that allow them to live and develop peacefully and creatively. During this talk, Elsa addresses the educational community in an interactive and entertaining way, presenting practical keys necessary to achieve an emotionally intelligent education, in the classroom and at home.

Strong, free and nomadic: Proposals to live in extraordinary times.

For a few months, everything has changed: our way of working, relating to others and treating the world around us. We will probably never have such a clear and urgent opportunity for the rest of our lives to transform our lives and, with it, the world in which we live.

In these inspiring pages full of proposals, Elsa Punset tells us in a practical way what to do to be part of the change, manage anxiety and reinvent ourselves with the world to come. The wish of this book is that «when you are old or old and your bones ache, when you look in a mirror and ask yourself the question:“ Have I betrayed the child within me? ”» The answer is that you have known how to wake up to that dreamy boy, strong, free and nomadic.

Strong, free and nomadic: Proposals to live in extraordinary times.

The World in Your Hands

Elsa Punset is unique in her ability to convey the main precepts and advances of emotional intelligence and psychology in simple, practical and easily understandable language, and how to apply recent discoveries about how our brain works to our daily lives. The author helps us better understand how to connect with others in a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected in every way, bringing us closer than ever and forcing us to learn how to relate in this new context.

The World in Your Hands

The Lion Gardener

On one side a smart and independent bird is planning to spend the northern winter on the rolling African plains, as he does every year. On the other is a lion with eyes as blue as the sea and an enormous heart, sitting in the same tree as the one where the bird has made its nest. After the initial wariness, they realize that their partnership is full of advantages: the lion keeps monkeys and snakes away from the tree and the bird eats the fleas off the lion. They make friends, such close friends that the lion will feel brave enough to share his biggest secret...

The Lion Gardener

A Backpack for the Universe

How can we improve our charisma? How can we make the best impression at a work interview? What is the most empathetic way to greet someone? How important are hugs to our relationships with other people? Why do we behave in one way and not in another, even though we know we’re getting it wrong?

In this book, Elsa Punset provides an essential guide to understanding why we are the way we are, why we act the way we do and what we should know to better organize our emotional universe. Punset has taken emotions out of the academic field, saved them from cold dissection and delivered them into people’s hands, to real life.

A Backpack for the Universe