Inma Puig

One of the most prominent experts in group dynamics and behavioral analysis

Inma Puig speaker, keynote, conferencias

Professor, Department of People and Organizations ESADE and business consultant, Inma Puig is a psychologist of first sports clubs nationally and internationally, which contributes to the continuous training of coaches and players individually.

Emotional counselor of different companies, his extensive experience in group dynamics and analysis of the behavior of individuals as well as in the creation, training and development of high performance teams, make it one of the best speakers to address issues such as leadership, performance, excellence in business and sports performance as well as aspects not so nice, although present in human relationships of any company, such as jealousy, envy or harassment.

Also, Inma Puig is a great expert in the family business, and good example of this his book “Portraits of family, which wanted to know but were afraid to ask about the family business,” published in 2007 is.

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