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Isra García is the creator and author of the paradigm that has revolutionised the social media: Human Media. As well as cofounder of Mapmakers, the Spanish-speaking platform about change and inspiration that′s most visited in the world.

Recently selected as one of  the members of the ‘Best Thinkers’ program for Social Media Today, the platform used around the world as a reference in Social Media, Isra García is considered as one of the most influential professionals on the Social Web in Europe and thanks to this, he is also known in the States. Isra has also been named one of the top 20 social media bloggers by Solomon McCown, one of the most important online marketing and social media agencies internationally.


His blog on Social Media, Marketing, disruption, inspiration and change is visited by more than 110,000 people every month. Only 29, Isra García has taken part as a TEDx speaker on two occasions and has participated, as speaker, in more than 270 industry events.


At 27, he started his own agency, working as consultant and analyst on new forms of online communication and marketing for other agencies and brands such as EMI Music (Spain – Portugal), BlackBerry (UK – Ireland), MTV (UK), Pioneer (UK), Ad digital (USA) and blur Group (UK – USA), Amnesia Ibiza (Spain) and Music On (Spain – Italy). He was one of the promoter of MONK (UK – Italy – Sao Paulo), the first Human Media Marketing agency, where he worked for 2 years as Human Media Evangelist and Advisor, and is now involved as head of digital media at Bridges for Music (South Africa – India – Brazil), an international NGO that fosters and encourages change and talent. Isra has also been in charge of Marco Carola’s personal brand as one of the most influential artists in the electronic music scene worldwide.

Isra García writes for international publications such as Social Media Today, SmartBrief, Social Trends and has collaborated indirectly with FastCompany and is a guest lecturer at EOI, Fundesem Business School, Nottingham Business School, University of Leeds and University of Manchester. He is co-founder and organiser of Adictos Social Media. The first social media event that took place in Spain, which has gathered more than 12,000 people across the country and has a community of 70,000 members between Spain and Latin America, and “Internet Cambia Todo”, an event in which anonymous people tell stories about how Internet has changed their lives, work or environment.

Besides all this, Isra García continues his philosophy of living life as intensely as we work and pushing our work beyond the limits, which is why after completing his first triathlon in 2011 and completing an Ironman in 2012, this year he had a double challenge: in just 6 months he prepared himself for Ironman UK and 30 days later, Ultraman, where only 10 athletes from around the world participate, becoming the youngest Spanish to finish this ultra-challenge.


How to work with excellence, produce with purpose and live epically - a method composed of comprehensive life hacking systems that has revolutionized the world.


How to decode and deploy, through the four dimensions of the human being, the maximum potential of your company, professional career and your life.


The keys to transformation to go from Zero to Unstoppable and live the sacred fire that burns in all of us - how to create unstoppable teams, employees and executives.


How to create positive impact on people and companies - the new science of how to sell, connect, communicate, market and generate abundance.


How to practice the art of taking massive, explosive, insightful and unstoppable action - the methodology and strategies to get your life and business off the ground.


How to implement the operating system of the great Stoics to circumnavigate and prosper the new world and live with virtue, excellence and tranquility.


Before impact marketing to the world with your product or service, you need to make sure you do it to yourself first, otherwise nothing will work - how to audit individuals and organizations to stand out from yourself.


How to walk the path to an extraordinary and legendary life - how to deconstruct and articulate the path to becoming your own teacher and successfully practicing the purpose of living the life you live.


Learn and apply the best core skills, master tactics, super habits and life hacks from some of the greatest disruptors, business icons, elite athletes, gurus, shamans or spiritual teachers.


How to practice the most important core skill that exists, the only one capable of making you free, the one that builds empires, the one that impacts millions of people, the one that finds peace in the midst of war, the discipline that comes from oneself.

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This story is about positive impact, self-sufficiency, maximum performance, initiative, and self-determination. It’s a story that tells, step by step, my last extreme adventure. I think the epicenter of everything is getting to instill an unstoppable attitude.

It was a self-reliance social challenge that consisted of crossing the distance that separates Los Angeles from Burning Man (Black Rock City – Nevada), 904 kilometers to be exact. Almost 47 hours of road cycling, and in self-sufficiency mode. I faced this challenge alone, without equipment, without external help, and without additional support. I only counted on what I had with me and what I had on the road by myself; food, lodging, clothes. It was about developing the ultimate unstoppable attitude.

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