Adolfo Domínguez

Entrepreneur & Founder of Adolfo Dominguez S.A.

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Adolfo Domínguez is the founder of the first business of fashion to come out of Spanish stock market. Inditex group has now become a leading Spanish brand worldwide. In collaboration with his father and brother, Adolfo Domínguez pioneered the creation of a textile business, which slogan was “wrinkles are beautiful”, and they launched to the national market.

His style is urban, functional, casual and comfortable, using loose and natural fabrics. One of its key marketing strategies was to avoid distribution through multi-brand stores and target the end consumer directly, reducing delivery time and costs for buyers. It was almost the first to introduce a fresh new alternative in the Spanish fashion, leading the emergence of a new generation of designers.


In 1979 Adolfo Domínguez launches new product lines in line with the latest trends and techniques of international markets, while introducing a shocking advertising campaign under the slogan “Wrinkles are beautiful.” Thus, the company is at the forefront of the renewal of the fashion industry in Spain, driving a prêt-à-porter urban trend aimed at medium-high sector.


Adolfo Domínguez decided to focus their business towards an integrated and comprehensive management. Thus, a management system that includes design, production and distribution through an extensive network of stores and franchises, all connected to an advanced computer system is implanted. The IPO of the firm in 1997, is another of the key dates in the career of a firm that has established itself as one of the safest bets in the Spanish fashion.

Bit by bit, Adolfo Domínguez opened shops over the world until he achieved a commercial network of more than 600 shops in 26 countries around the world, including America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Beyond the business expansion, Adolfo Domínguez has placed his efforts in all areas of business innovation, constantly striving to develop new ideas and new collections. All this has helped Adolfo Domínguez to consolidate his business in the last two decades at a national and international level as one of the most important of the sector.

In his conferences can talk about the importance of being a leader in business, as well as competitiveness and ethics. Adolfo Domínguez is necessary for the existence of entrepreneurs ethical and do the right thing and responsibly towards the environment, your company and your customers.


He is a great speaker that features one of the most interesting entrepreneurial experiences and travel in recent decades in Spain and internationally.


Adolfo Domínguez currently resides in Orense (Spain), close to the place where headquarters the design center and the logistic center are located.