Thomas J. Buckholtz

Multi-field innovator, executive, business advisor, innovation consultant, executive coach

Thoma J. Buckholtz speaker, keynote speech

Thomas J. Buckholtz is a multi-field innovator, executive, business advisor, innovation consultant, executive coach, seminar provider, and speaker.  He helps enterprises and individuals define and achieve business strategies, improve profitability and productivity, catalyze innovation, develop and market products and services, augment corporate culture, and work effectively and efficiently.

Thomas J. Buckholtz led a US$ 1 billion information-technology business unit, served as a corporate officer for startups, served as chief information officer for a $10 billion enterprise, and led a company-wide innovation program for a $6 billion corporation.  His work has involved large and small enterprises in aerospace, agricultural research, business services, computing, defense, education, energy utilities, government, healthcare, high technology, insurance, law enforcement, politics, research and development, telecommunications, and other fields.  Tom’s work has led to innovations in technology, business practices, business processes, and societal endeavors.

Thomas J. Buckholtz anticipates that his Direct Outcomes systems-thinking techniques will catalyze widespread enhancement in business and personal effectiveness.  His books support people’s benefiting from the techniques.  People use “Innovative Incisively: Gain Impact. Save Time” to learn and teach Direct Outcomes techniques.  This book suggests dozens of applications.  “Information Proficiency: Your Key to Information Age” provides people a roadmap for their Information Age opportunities.  A former Executive Director for Japan of the International Monetary Fund states, “With the publication of Tom Buckholtz’s book, we have moved into a New Information Age.”

Dr. Thomas J. Buckholtz has presented Direct Outcomes programs face-to-face in 5 countries.  He taught Leadership and Innovation for the University of California, Santa Cruz, graduate-level certificate program in Knowledge Services and Enterprise Management.  He provided an 8-session course, Catalyzing an Information Proficient Society, via the World Bank’s Global Development Learning Network.  He included Direct Outcomes segments in an innovation program for leaders of a PetroChina business unit, in a discussion with leaders of Beijing government businesses regarding how the American federal government catalyzes innovation, and in Philosophy and Principles of Public Administration programs for more than a dozen groups of visiting provincial and local government officials from China.

He has served as a Professorial Lecturer for George Washington University and as an Instructor for the University of California, Berkeley Extension.

As a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow, Tom earned a Ph.D. in physics from the University of California, Berkeley.  Previously, he received a B.S. in mathematics from the California Institute of Technology.  He also completed executive business administration programs at Stanford University and the University of Michigan.