Josef Ajram

International “ironmans” athlete and "day trader" in stock market

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Josef Ajram is an international athlete and “day trader” in the stock market born in Barcelona on April 5th, 1978, of a Syrian father and Spanish mother. He likes a few things but with intensity, including the stock market, sports and travelling.

In a very early age he knew what Josef Ajram wanted to do and what not. He didn’t like to study at university so as soon as he could he left university to learn from stock market.

Josef Ajram liked numbers and he founded a place on the stock market where numbers dance to their own rhythm. In 2013, he’s still a stock market professional and he’s a day trader since 2001.

In the stock marketJosef Ajram’s a day trader, pure frenzy and adrenaline. In sports, he’s up for the most demanding challenges. They are two opposite worlds where he lives extreme sensations that demand consistency, dynamism and calculation to measure possibilities and skills

“Where is the limit?” is his claim because he takes risks every day, with ambitions and goals. Josef Ajram thinks we must use up all resources to make dreams come true. Conformity is a trap where we should not fall. His philosophy is not to win but to feel good about his performances and be better every day. Josef Ajram prefers sport challenges. Fighting against the clock does not appeal to Josef.

Nowadays JJosef Ajram is also a TV and radio commentator for different programs and also writes articles on Spanish newspapers. He has published 4 books, 2 about sports and 2 about stock market and Spanish financial situation.

Among his accomplishments as an athlete should be noted:

Finisher of the Ultraman Race in Hawaii and Ultraman Race in Canada, being the first Spanish to accomplish that achievement (2007 and 2009).

Finisher of the EPIC 5 Challenge (5 Ironmans, 5 days in 5 different islands of Hawaii): 19km swim + 900km bike +210km running in 59h 50 minutes (2009).

Finisher of the Everis Tour: 3.850km, 23 stages, 33.500m of accumuled slope.


Teamwork and motivation conference

Conference about motivation and motivational issues on business. I apply the most important values of sport to the company, values such as motivation and improvement in any area of life, the importance of setting goals as a way of motivation, management success in the moments and how to overcome failure.On the other hand, I do an analysis of the inestimable value of human capital, teamwork in sport both in the enterprise and professional efficiency. In addition, since we are at a delicate time of society I have added a paragraph ending in my speech where I talk about the emprendoria and the importance of communicating everything we do on social networks.


“I'm not one of these ex-brokers who had a bad day at the office and decided to start over, to leave the stock exchange behind and dedicate myself to cycling.
No, that's not who I am.
I decided instead to become an ultra long distance runner, and to take part in the toughest physical tests in the world, in order to find out the limits of the human body—the limits of my body—in the same way that a good stockbroker sniffs around, listens, weighs things up and ultimately takes risks to make the most of an up in the market, and to establish how long to hold on before he sells."