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Global Advocate for Global Issues. Director of The House of Mandela Family Foundation.

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As the daughter of former South African President Nelson Mandela, she continues to advocate for improving the socio-economic conditions of marginalized groups and educating global citizens.


Makaziwe Mandela follows her father’s lead in advocating for political and social justice. As the eldest daughter of Nelson Mandela, she uses her platform to educate audiences about social issues and to develop relationships with organizations, which have the power to effect change on a global scale.

Well-known for her work highlighting issues impacting marginalized communities in Africa, Makaziwe is at the forefront of change for the next generation. Speaking passionately about topics of great importance, she offers deep insights into vital issues, such as female empowerment, health, and socioeconomic disparities.


As an internationally recognized speaker, Makaziwe Mandela has forged her own path in business and social justice. She offers a unique perspective on service to humanity and leadership in influencing socioeconomic progress for marginalized groups.


From a young age, she saw firsthand how social change positively impacts communities. As a result of watching her father’s passionate work to change circumstances in South Africa, she chose to obtain a degree in Social Work from Fort Hare University. She’s received a Fulbright Distinguished Fellowship Award in recognition of her work advocating for social justice. The award afforded her the opportunity to study in America, and she obtained a doctorate in Anthropology from the University of Massachusetts.

Makaziwe Mandela has experience in both the business and social justice sectors. She’s worked for the South African Development Bank in senior roles and held board positions at well-respected firms, including Enviroserv, Myriad Medical, and Rand Water Services. She is currently a member of the Nestle SA Board.


Dedicated to continuing her father’s legacy, Dr. Mandela spends time as the Director of the House of Mandela Family Foundation, which she launched to promote equality. She champions empowering females by directing time and resources to Nozala, an investment group for women.


Inspired by her father’s ability to transform South Africa through collaboration and determination, Dr. Mandela travels the globe educating others about the power to improve the lives of those in poor communities.

The importance of tech in developing countries.

Diversity & Inclusion.

Servant Leadership.

Female Empowerment / Creating Wealth.

Why Differences Matter.

Food Poverty/Agriculture.

Creativity and the Potential of Africa.

Mandela: In Honor of an Extraordinary Life.

A tribute to her father, Makaziwe Mandela shares the most definitive portrait of Nelson Mandela to date, revealing the man behind the anti-apartheid movement that changed the world.

One of Time magazine’s Most Important People of the Twentieth Century, Nelson Mandela continues to be a symbol of equality and justice: a Nobel Prize winner, South Africa’s first Black president, and an unrelenting leader in the movement to dismantle racial inequality. Written by his daughter, her story uncovers the family man behind the international peacemaker persona.

This volume presents an extraordinary assembly of historic biography and imagery alongside never-before-published family stories and personal photographs, Nelson Mandela’s letters to friends and family, journal entries written during his incarceration, and a unique collection of rarely seen charcoal drawings and paintings he began at 83 years old. Chapters chronicle Mandela’s childhood growing up in Mvezo, his time in Johannesburg as leader of the African National Congress, the importance of his familial relationships, decades of imprisonment, and his role as president and philanthropist. An enthralling read illustrated by powerful historic imagery, this tome delves into the life of the man that continues to galvanize so many.

Mandela: In Honor of an Extraordinary Life.

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