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Rob Nail helps organizations explore new horizons and navigate the Age of Technological Disruption.


Rob Nail is a technologist, engineer, serial entrepreneur, coach, advisor, futuremaker & international speaker. He is equally excited and terrified by this future and is passionate about ways to engineer our dreams through creating experiments, tools, content, and networks that can shape an equitable and inclusive future of abundance for all.


He is currently a Strategic Advisor, Mentor, and Coach, facilitating programs on technology, innovation, and intrapreneurship at the Nomura-SRI-Innovation Center and a think tank on the Future of Learning for CompTIA.


On the side, Rob Nail is developing experiments on future opportunities and implications of the Metaverse and actively experimenting with artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies for the future of work, education, and leadership, while learning from some of the greatest leadership and executive coaches today as an original member of 100Coaches (Marshall Goldsmith’s leadership cohort).

Previously, as Associate Founder and former CEO of Singularity University (SU), Rob grew the institution to become a global leader for understanding exponential technologies and transformation. Rob Nail brought a unique entrepreneurial and impact focused approach to growing a non-traditional university as a model for the future and a forum to catalyze a global ecosystem that leverages exponential technologies to help solve humanity’s grand challenges.


In addition, Rob has been a director on several boards including a public director at Harman (HAR) to assist with their tech transformation, ultimately resulting in the ~$8 Billion acquisition by Samsung in 2016.


Rob Nail cofounded Velocity11 in 1999, building automation and robotics for cancer research and drug discovery to later be acquired by Agilent Technologies in 2007, where he traded the CEO role for a General Manager role attempting to be a catalyst for change at a big company.

His mission is to build bridges to an amazing future. Rob Nail advises organizations on making the shift from linear to exponential mindset, identifying long-term technological threats and opportunities, and making a positive impact.

He holds degrees in Mechanical, Materials Science and Manufacturing Systems Engineering from UC Davis and Stanford University.

AI, Robotics, and a Future of Work.

Automation, robotics, and AI will impact all jobs and the future of what work is. We will not be replaced by robots, we will be empowered by them, but we do need to learn how to work together.

Leading through the Age of Disruption.

CEOs today must be the masters of many domains. It’s no longer enough to just know one thing – you need to be a futurist, technologist, innovator, and humanitarian. Explore Exponential Thinking, critical trends and implications, success factors, and a case study on digital transformation.

Design and Communicate with your future AI colleague.

Explore the cutting edge of digital humans and virtual avatars. Demo some of Rob’s work with Soul Machines to develop digital humans as AI Assistants, advisors, experts, and teachers.

Exponential Technologies and the Top Trends that Change Everything.

Exponentials 101 and exploring the drivers of exponential technologies and potential implications on our lives, businesses and society.

Future of Learning - Adaptability and Skills for Transition through Disruption.

During a time of crisis or disruption, those who are the most adaptable not only survive, but thrive. How to “skate where the puck is headed” and find tremendous future opportunities for education providers, industry leaders, and all of us lifelong learners and kids.

Entrepreneurship, Social Impact, and Positively Impacting a Billion People.

Entrepreneurs and the Communities supporting them are the most powerful force for good on the planet. We need to inspire more risk takers to address the biggest challenges facing humanity.

Community and Diversity for Innovation and Impact.

To solve problems that have never been solved before, you need a new approach. The fastest path to innovation is bringing diverse perspectives together in a safe environment to challenge the status quo. Learn about Singularity University’s Global Solutions Program that brings together the most diverse group of entrepreneurs possible to tackle the biggest problems imaginable.

Tools to forecast the future.

Forecasting the future doesn’t need a fortune teller, it needs a team, some tools, a little hardworking, and some fun.

Future of Manufacturing.

The next wave of exponential technologies and the future of how we make things and where. (3D printing, VR, Sensors, Nanotech, Synthetic biology, mining asteroids, bricklaying on the moon, blockchain agency, and more ).

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