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Henry Chesbrough is the widely known visionary who created the theory and coined the term Open Innovation. Chesbrough’s recent work, «Open Services and Innovation: Rethinking Your Business to Grow and Compete in a New Era», focuses on innovation models that can truly drive transformation and growth. With global economies shifting manufacturing-focused to services-focused, “Openness” delivers improved choices for customers and better economies for corporations, transforming commodity companies into trailblazers.

He is currently Professor at Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, and Executive Director of the Center for Open Innovation, which focuses on research and teaching related with the impact of globally distributed knowledge on growth, strategy and industrial innovation.

In 2009-2010 he was appointed Visiting Professor at ESADE Business School.
From 1997 to 2003 he held the post of Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School, with a joint appointment in the area of Technology and Operations Management and in Entrepreneurial Management.

Professor Chesbrough is responsible for coining the term ‘Open Innovation‘, a term used to promote an information age mindset toward innovation that runs counter to the secrecy and silo mentality of traditional corporate research labs. The benefits and driving forces behind increased openness have been noted and discussed as far back as the 1960s, especially as it pertains to interfirm cooperation in I +D.

He has worked in various Fortune 500 companies in fields related to: mass storage; application software; network and communications; information services. He is also an expert in after-sales services, support to the copy industry and the impact of Internet on the insurance industry. Henry Chesbrough was named one of the top 50 technology and business leaders by Scientific American magazine for his research contributions in the area of industrial innovation.

Professor Chesbrough holds a PhD in Business Administration from Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley, an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BA in Economics from Yale University.

Open Innovation.

Organising, structuring and managing internal and external research and development.

Technology-based spin-offs and corporate venture capital.

Managing intellectual property.

Comparative innovation in high-tech industries between US, Japan and Western Europe.

Open Innovation: The New Imperative for Creating And Profiting from Technology.

The information revolution has made for a radically more fluid knowledge environment, and the growth of venture capital has created inexorable pressure towards fast commercialisation of existing technologies
Companies that don't use the technologies they develop are likely to lose them.

Key features

Over the past several years, Hank Chesbrough has done excellent research and writing on the commercialisation of technology and the changing role and context for R&D. This book represents a powerful synthesis of that work in the form of a new paradigm for managing corporate research and bringing new technologies to market
Chesbrough impressively articulates his ideas and how they connect to each other, weaving several disparate areas of work R&D, corporate venturing, spinoffs, licensing and intellectual property into a single coherent framework

Open Innovation: The New Imperative for Creating And Profiting from Technology.

Open Services Innovation: Rethinking Your Business to Grow and Compete in a New Era.

The father of "open innovation" is back with his most significant book yet. Henry Chesbrough s acclaimed book Open Innovation described a new paradigm for management in the 21st century. Open Services Innovation offers a new approach that demonstrates how open innovation combined with a services approach to business is an effective and powerful way to grow and compete in our increasingly services-driven economy. Chesbrough shows how companies in any industry can make the critical shift from product- to service-centric thinking, from closed to open innovation where co-creating with customers enables sustainable business models that drive continuous value creation for customers. He maps out a strategic approach and proven framework that any individual, business unit, company, or industry can put to work for renewed growth and profits. The book includes guidance and compelling examples for small and large companies, services businesses, and emerging economies, as well as a path forward for the innovation industry.

Open Services Innovation: Rethinking Your Business to Grow and Compete in a New Era.

Open Business Models: How To Thrive In The New Innovation Landscape.

In his landmark book Open Innovation, Henry Chesbrough demonstrated that because useful knowledge is no longer concentrated in a few large organisations, business leaders must adopt a new, “open” model of innovation. Using this model, companies look outside their boundaries for ideas and intellectual property (IP) they can bring in, as well as license their unutilised home-grown IP to other organizations.

In Open Business Models, Chesbrough takes readers to the next step—explaining how to make money in an open innovation landscape. He provides a diagnostic instrument enabling you to assess your company’s current business model, and explains how to overcome common barriers to creating a more open model. He also offers compelling examples of companies that have developed such models - including Procter & Gamble, IBM, and Air Products.

Open Business Models: How To Thrive In The New Innovation Landscape.