Canay Atalay



Canay Atalay speaker, concious business designer

Canay Atalay specialises in design and technology trend forecasts and analysis, ideas exchange on how to thrive in the new economy, and how to design a conscious business and meaningful life.


Canay Atalay is a keynote speakerglobal cultural innovation strategistconscious business model designer and content creator. She assists global brands, startups, companies and organizations with cutting edge open innovation strategy using new methodologies to re-invent and transform business.

She is the co-founder of Human Works, a company that creates learning programs and experiences that facilitate innovation in the fields of conscious learning, technology, sustainability and inclusiveness.

Canay Atalay is the founder of Children First World, a ground-breaking movement creating awareness for the inclusion of children and teenagers, a children-first approach to design and innovation, and encouraging people to awaken the inner child within all of us. She is also the co-founder of Conscious Learning Tribe (CLT), a community of leaders and game-changers striving to accelerate the transition to more conscious, sustainable, inclusive, meaningful, and holistic futures. The CLT mission is to create a better planet by offering cutting edge experiences and insights for emerging or current leaders, unifying all in a global tribe.

She provides leaders and their organizations the chance to adopt a future-proof mindset in their business decision making, starting with human values of her Conscious Business Model Design and Innovation methodology.

Canay Atalay has worked globally with over 60 brands from 18 industries, governmental agencies and academic institutions. These include Bayer, BBVA, Coca Cola, Mastercard, Nike, P&G, Pfizer, Unilever, United Nations, Turkish Airlines and Vodafone. Previously, she has worked as the country leader of Fjord Design & Innovation at Accenture Interactive.

A graduate from Massachusetts’s Institute of Technology (MIT) and Bogazici University, Canay has helped leading brands and startups design and develop over 250 digital services’ experiences, business models and digital transformation programs, across more than 15 countries across the globe. She is an associate of The Futures Agency and general director of ‘Holistic Education’ NGO of Fenix Ibiza, creating learning and awareness programs around ecological and sustainable lifestyles. She is also an ambassador of Socratic Design Academy, facilitating Socratic Dialogues to bring the art of listening and critical thinking back to this fast-changing world.

In speaking engagements, Canay Atalay creates journeys for audiences to envision their roles and define concrete actions, with a pragmatic and multidisciplinary approach to transformation on an individual, organisational and societal level.