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BCC Speakers

Since 1992, BCC Speakers is the first International Speakers’ Bureau who has actively promoted the most outstanding personalities of the Spanish speaking world, our commitment promoting experiences and knowledge, using the Spanish language as a vehicle has positioned us the leading bureau in Spain and Latin America.

In these years of hard work we have maintained the constant incorporation of personalities and experts in all the areas of the human knowledge. At the moment, BCC Speakers works with the most outstanding international specialists, which allow us to attend the needs of our clients on different themes that the market demands and all over the world.

We couldn’t arrive to this point without the hard work and dedication of all the people that are part of BCC and either without the support of the important personalities that trusted us their work as speakers. And of course we wouldn’t have reached our objectives without the all our clients that, year after year, renew their confidence in the professional team of BCC Speakers.

All this allows us to continue working meeting the higher international standards and professionalism, in constant renovation and improving our service.


Francisca Buján.
Founding President
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