Enrique Baliño

Chairman and General Manager at IBM South Latam (1997-2003)

Founding partner of Xn Consultores

Enrique Baliño

Enrique Baliño is a Systems Engineer graduated from the University of the Republic, in Uruguay.

He complemented his managerial/technical education in the United States by obtaining a degree in Accounting and Finance and Management, from the Columbia University, New York, and by completing a Program for Executives, at the Graduate School of Industrial Administration, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In 1976, Enrique Baliño started working as Systems Analyst for the IT Department of the University of the Republic of Uruguay and, in 1977, he combined this job with a position as Systems analyst at NCR, also in Uruguay.

In 1979, he joined IBM Uruguay as Systems Engineer; this was the beginning of his career at the Company. He first became Marketing Manager, General Territory, and in 1983 he became Latin America General Territory Manager for BM Latin America, in New York, USA. In 1986 he went back to IBM Uruguay and occupied several managerial positions (Public Sector Branch, General Sales, General Manager Assistant). From 1992 to 1997 he worked as IBM Uruguay’s President and General Manager.

From 1997 ro 1999 Enrique Baliño was once again assigned to work at IBM Latin America, In New York, as the Latin America Customer Service Director, and Latin American Public Sector General Manager. From 1999 to 2001 Enrique Baliño was IBM Argentina and Paraguay’s President and General Manager, residing in Buenos Aires. Last May he was transferred to IBM Latin America’s Business Development.

Mr. Baliño has given a large number of lectures to business leaders, governmental organizations and other institutions in areas such as Management, Leadership, Total Quality, E-business, Business Social Responsibility, etc. He has been a guest speaker at different international events and forums (Forum for the promotion of Investment – Uruguay XXI, Youth Forum – IDB, etc.), and he is the author or articles such as: “La Nueva Cultura Empresaria” (The New Business Culture), published in several management publications.

Nowadays he is the Founding Partners at Xn International Corp, a multi-Latin firm dedicated to accelerating training and cultivating leadership, executive talent and the ability to change fast and on a large-scale that the progress of Ibero-American organizations demands.

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Leadership Management


Change Management

Talent Management

Enough Complaining: Four Attitudes for Success

Baliño narrates with great sincerity and depth of his frustrating and painful initial professional failures and explains how he, in a few years, and with the slogan "Enough Complaining" changed the culture of the organization and make it a successful and much admired company, capable of achieve goals that were impossible for many others.

"Enough Complaining" is deeply inspiring and includes topics that are often neglected in self-improvement books, such as the power that every individual has to change the dominant culture and the importance of organization, and team playing, in order to achieve success, be it in a family, a company or a country.

Enough Complaining: Four Attitudes for Success

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