Kate Barker


Chief Futurist. Board Member & Future of Work expert at NEOM ($500b future city 2050). “Global Top Women Leader 2024”. “Global Top 10 Voices en Future of Work 2023”. Advisor to Mckinsey and BCG.

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Dr. Kate Barker is a Global Consulting Leader, Future of Work expert, and a recognized authority in talent management, innovation, and people/technology advancements.

As an international Strategic Advisor, Dr Kate Barker’s career spans three decades, working to advance Fortune 500 companies and Governments around the world by applying leading strategies from her ‘Future of Work’ insights, leadership & innovation, human-centric organizational cultures and innovative digital workforce transformation.


Dr Kate Barker has earned successful partnerships with Boards, C-Suite executives, international royalty and government leaders and the highest level in furthering some of the most significant industry trends that impact the future of work.


Dr Kate Barker has led real-world results with clients such as Microsoft, Amazon, Virgin, GE, Deloitte and Google and is the senior Advisor to BCG and McKinsey & Company. She is the Board Member at NEOM ($500Billion Future City 2050) advising Leaders on designing the future of work, workplaces and ways of working.

She is a globally recognized Keynote Speaker on Future of Work, Leadership in the Digital Era, she facilitates the Women in Leadership Masterclass, and publishes on topics like Technology disruption, Innovative Talent Management Strategies, Inclusive Organizational Cultures and Workforce Transformations at HR Summits & Executive Roundtable globally.

If you are seeking an expert on Future of Work, digital transformation, forming leaders for the future, gender & equality, then Dr Kate Barker is the person. She comes with 3 decades of extensive global experience with leading organizations and 3 degrees that qualify her with the wealth of knowledge and vitally practical advice for your endeavour.

Dr Kate Barker has a proven track record of changing workplaces globally and relaying her expertise in a relatable fashion. If you are trying to design digital strategies or inspire your leaders to build a culture fit for the new digital era, Dr Kate Barker will not only hand you the tools but also thoroughly inspire you to build the perfect strategy.