Paul Krismer

Founder of the Happiness Experts Company

Chief Happiness Officer

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Happiness (positive emotions) broadens a person’s building blocks: stronger cognition, boosted creativity, improved memory, and increased energy. Happiness Experts Company then leads to more life success, which in turn leads to more happiness. The result is a wonderful virtuous, upward movement that can be deliberately cultivated. Whole teams, and, in fact, whole organizations can embrace positive psychology as the secret to success.


Paul Krismer is the Chief Happiness Officer and founder of the Happiness Experts Company.

Paul is a noted public speaker and trainer. His authentic and passionate commitment to his subject matter shines through his work. Playful and captivating storytelling complements his intelligent and accessible presentation of the science of happiness. His teaching is powerful, authoritative, and convincing. At the same time, Paul is exceptionally practical. He makes real his conviction that happiness is for everyone. And indeed, everyone leaves his courses inspired to put their learning into practice.

Paul Krismer has a proven track record as an inspirational leader. For twenty years, he has served in senior management roles—overseeing hundreds of staff, multi-million dollar projects, and cheerfully growing future leaders. As a Certified Executive Coach, Paul Krismer is appreciated for his kind-hearted, yet relentless pursuit of the client’s best life. Helping people to reach greater happiness and success is his trademark promise. His forthcoming book, Whole Person Happiness aims to give everyone access to his expertise. As a teacher of cutting edge positive psychology, he is truly a “Happiness Expert”.

Paul is a proud member of the International Positive Psychology Association and the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

Infusing Happiness

Get a fresh taste of personal well being in this inspirational and fascinating introduction to the science of positive psychology. Learn the research results that prove happiness leads to greater success. Come away with simple, applicable skills that will fuel your personal happiness and create positive contagion amongst the people you influence.

Leaders as Role Models

Traditional employee engagement programs often buy the loyalty of employees’ bodies, but do not win hearts and minds. In this talk, we learn direct interventions that change the way employees FEEL about their work and their workmates. Find out how corporate cultures are open to positive change. Leverage positive psychology to get creativity, productivity, and joy in your workplace.

Making Positive Change

The same principles that move an individual through successful growth and change aid in transitioning a team into a new mindset. Powerful and easy-to-apply techniques can boost motivation and direct attention to what matters most. The discipline of making change is made much easier when seen through the lens of positive psychology. Apply these principles in your business and watch teams TRANSFORM!

Mindfulness Everywhere

Why the heck is everyone talking about mindfulness these days? The reason is that mindfulness is as important for your brain as exercise and nutrition are for your body. This presentation takes the mystery out of mindfulness and calls on us to take our mental and spiritual well-being seriously. Grounded in science, sprinkled with playfulness, and served as a practical invitation, we learn what all the excitement is about!

Whole Person Happiness

Is more happiness possible? Can you learn ways to create more joy in life? Can there be work life balance? Yes, yes, and YES!

Everyone can be happier and live a more balanced, full life.

Learn the science behind happiness in this practical and easy-to-read book. What researchers have been studying and have tested in laboratories over decades is now all right here for you!

Whole Person Happiness will take you on a journey toward a more fulfilling life. Learn:
•how small steps lead to big strides
•why good enough is VERY good
•how a change in mind changes body, and vice versa
•how achieving goals can be automated

You can feel better physically. You can move through the day with zest, and knock your work tasks off with skill and ease. Your daily grind can instead be filled with meaning, purpose and joy. You can combat depression and anxiety with powerful principles of proven therapeutic interventions. If you want a book about personal growth that is inspiring and as unique as you are, then pick up this book.

Does it make sense that health and well-being include all of body, mind and spirit? Can a sharp and lively intellect reap good friends and warm relationships? Does the cultivation of our own good character help us sleep at night and feel great through the day? Whole Person Happiness shows the way. Discover how cutting edge positive psychology research has advanced such that we really do know how people can be happier in everyday life.

Explore the ways in which each of us benefits from a balanced, healthy ecosystem made up of body, mind and spirit. Whole Person Happiness guides you to fundamental truths about how to live your happy life.

Whole Person Happiness

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