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There are success stories and also examples of life that bring together essential values: perseverance, creativity and talent. Javier Verdura is the clear example of the above; entrepreneur, designer and creative in one of the most successful companies in the world.

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Born in Mexico City, Javier Verdura is the Global Design Director of Tesla, the electric car manufacturer of Elon Musk since 2012, which has launched some of the most beautiful and ecologically friendly models on the planet. Javier Verdura is responsible for designing all the products that carry the Tesla brand globally.

During his more than 7 years at Tesla, Javier has designed key products that have contributed to the fulfillment of the Tesla Mission: Accelerate the transition of the world towards sustainable energy.

Products such as the innovative Solar Roof, the powerwall residential energy storage system, the powerful, but minimalist Supercharger, which is the basis of the fast-charging network for electric vehicles that has more than 15,000 charging points in North America, EMEA , and APAC. Also included are some design aspects of the Model S, Model X and the most recent Model 3.

During his 25-year career, Javier Verdura has designed a wide variety of electronic products, packaging, and surgical instruments and equipment. In the process, he has received more than 130 patents and numerous design awards globally.

Javier Verdura, who meets Musk every friday and has helped him design his rockets on more than one occasion, has based his career on a simple but powerful philosophy: “If you can’t make something you’ve designed, your design won’t worth it”.

Javier Verdura received his degree in Industrial Design from the prestigious ArtCenter College of Design in California. His studies later took him to Switzerland and Barcelona to finally return to the US. and settle in Connecticut as Head of Design and Development of the famous Office Product Ventures.