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Driven by the real world, by humanity and ‘the now’, as a Futures Strategist, John Sanei makes sense of the challenging world of the future and merge it in a way that gives an audience the clarity to forge forward with confidence.


John Sanei (Sah-nay) comes alive at the intersection of human psychology and futurism and uses his truly unique perspective to discover elegant ways for his global audience to build the clarity and courage needed to approach the future confidently.


Honoured to be Africa’s first Singularity University faculty member,

John is also a lecturer at Duke Corporate Education and an Associate Partner at The Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies.


At the intersection of human science, neuro science, quantum technology, futurism and business strategy he is fascinated with data, detail and insights. By unlocking new perspectives our eyes are opened and we share a clearer vision of tomorrow.

His rare ability to combine his fascination with emerging technology and its impact on society with a clear understanding of how memories and stories influence our reality has seen him share the stage with several world-renowned thought leaders, including Yuval Harari, Simon Sinek, and Robin Sharma, amongst many others.

Additionally, John Sanei is the author of four international bestsellers including: “Who Do We Become?: Step boldly into our strange, new world”, “FutureNEXT: Re-imagining our world & conquering uncertainty”, “FOREsight: Awaken curiosity. Cultivate wisdom. Discover the abundant future” and Magnetiize: Stop the chase. Understand the change. Take control of your future”.

As a specialist on future trends John Sanei has travelled virtually, locally and internationally as a keynote speaker and presenter of his masterclasses, making meaningful connections, aligning audiences with global patterns and unlocking opportunities that are collaborative rather than competitive.

His keynote talks have received global recognition. His lectures and webinars activate the latest research in human psychology, neuroscience, quantum science, futurism and business strategy to deepen your understanding of the world to come.

By amplifying key messages based on the audience’s needs, he helps people develop a clearer vision of the future and an elegant understanding of their role in shaping it.



Forge your future.

> Understand the moment and prepare for life as you now know it to be.
> Focus your energy on what you want.
> Follow your curiosity and find your wisdom.


> Understand the neuroscience behind emotional blocks we carry.
> Identify biases and assumptions leaders hold and learn from organisations of the future on how to best build successful teams.
> Shift your organisation’s behaviour and develop metrics for failure and success for the road-map ahead.

Who Do We Become?: Step boldly into our strange, new world.

'I know that what I've learnt in the past two years will help me for the rest of my life. My hope is that you will see yourself reflected in my own journey, and . . . consider who you will become in this new world of ours. Who we all might become.'

If you're suffering from a crisis of meaning, you're not alone. In this powerful new book, future strategist John Sanei shares how he found ways to cope with the uncertainty that has been all around us in the past two years. Lockdown meant his career came to a screeching halt. He was living with his parents and then had to battle loneliness until he started to reassess who he was and what he wanted from life.

Infused with empathy and personal anecdote, Who Do We Become? explores our individual responsibility to evolve into more decent, dynamic versions of ourselves, our businesses and humanity as a whole – especially in times of crisis.

The book is divided into three sections. In Part 1: ANGUISH, John explores how to courageously mourn the loss of our 'normal' pre-COVID world. Part 2: ABNORMAL, shows us how to understand this new environment and recognise that uncertainty is the new normal. Then, in Part 3: ADVENTURE, John provides a toolkit for us to forge out into the new world, to succeed and recognise the signs of rebirth and renewal.

Travel with John as he maps out our strange, new world and lays down a path to reframe our thinking, to recognise our discomfort, to survive and thrive.

Who Do We Become?: Step boldly into our strange, new world.

FOREsight: Awaken curiosity. Cultivate wisdom. Discover the abundant future.

In a data-laden, disrupted, dread-inducing world, how can we see clearly into the future? How can we navigate through the data, become the disruptors and replace our sense of dread for the future with a clear-thinking, positive vision of things to come?Following his first two ground-breaking books, What’s Your Moonshot? and Magnetiize, John Sanei turns his endless curiosity to the perspectives, perceptions and prejudices that prepare us for our illogical future.

He breaks down the four types of seeing – HINDsight, PLAINsight, INsight and FOREsight – we humans use to guide us through the world and into the future. Then, with 20 shots of vivid, eye-opening FOREsight, he gives readers the opportunity to peer into what that future could be and ask the types of questions that will allow us to embrace it with optimism.

• What can the history of the first autonomous vehicle, the elevator, teach us about autonomous cars and their effect onreal estate and city planning?
• Why will the gold in our smartphones change the way we mine gold from the ground?• Why are adaptability and flexibility more important than endless qualifications?
• How can you connect the invisible dots between the confusion of today and the grand potential of tomorrow?

FOREsight: Awaken curiosity. Cultivate wisdom. Discover the abundant future.

What's Your Moonshot?: Future-proof yourself and your business in the age of exponential disruption.

In What’s Your Moonshot? trend and innovation strategist John Sanei explains how to ask the bigger, bolder, more courageous questions that will help you thrive – rather than merely survive – in our exponentially changing times.

With a future-focused victor mindset, Sanei decodes the mega-trends that are reshaping human behaviour and the way we do business – not to mention, the way we live our lives. He then explains how to innovate your business with the ultimate aim of becoming the new type of billionaire: someone who positively affects billions of people.

As the foundations of modern economies – transportation, communication and energy – start becoming free or virtually free, massive transformative ideas can now be driven by individual ambition and determination. No longer the sole domain of nations and global organisations, these pioneering, game-changing missions – or Moonshots – are defined by thinking big to drive change and shape the future. So the real question is:


What's Your Moonshot?: Future-proof yourself and your business in the age of exponential disruption.

FutureNEXT: Re-imagining our world & conquering uncertainty.

The future has arrived early. And it is challenging each of us to ask, and answer, the defining questions of our time:How will our post-pandemic society move forward?Will we ever return to the world we once knew?Are we witnessing the development of a new socio-economic system? Shaped by the dynamic approach of futures-strategist John Sanei and the profound economic thinking of Dr Iraj Abedian, FutureNEXT equips readers with the mindset and tools needed to forge a new way forward – a way of confidence and peace of mind. The book explores our evolving responsibilities as consumers, employees, employers, entrepreneurs and executives tasked with re-imagining our world. In so doing, it provides a path to create prosperous societies that are more harmonious, systematically fair and sustainable than anything we’ve known.

FutureNEXT: Re-imagining our world & conquering uncertainty.