Christine Ockrent

First woman to anchor and edit the prime time news in France.

Award-winning journalist and broadcaster. Former COO of the French Television and Radio World Service.

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Christine developed her prestigious career through extensive international experience in a diverse range of media. She has been awarded the distinctions "Officier de la Légion d'Honneur" and "Officier de l'Ordre de Leopold", and is the life partner of Bernard Kouchner, a French politician and the former foreign minister.

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Christine Ockrent is a well-known author, journalist and television presenter. She has spent most of her career in television, both as a producer of documentaries and as an anchor of the evening news, where she shaped her style as the first female presenter and editor.

Ockrent writes regularly for the Washington Post, Prospect, and various other European newspapers. She is also the producer and presenter of a weekly radio programme about foreign affairs on France culture, and a frequent contributor to the BBC, CNN and other media organisations. Previously she was COO of the French Radio and TV World service (France 24 and RFI). She was also editor in chief of the weekly news magazine, L’Express.

Christine Ockrent was deputy director general of TF1 Television and an editor with RTL Radio. She began her career in broadcast journalism at NBC News and worked for eight years at CBS’ 60 Minutes. She has been awarded several French and international distinctions for her work in TV journalism.

She has written 15 books and essays – the latest ones being “Russian oligarchs and the Putin system” and “Clinton-Trump: Anger in America”. She is on the board of Havas, the French American Foundation, the European Council on Foreign Relations, the Center for European reform, Human Rights Watch France and Make.Org.

With a wealth of national and international experience in broadcasting and journalism, Christine is an excellent communicator. With an astute insight into the effects of global economics and politics she is able to use her experience to advise and guide decision makers in corporate organisations. Christine Ockrent is a highly experienced professional and media commentator and is equally comfortable whether hosting a large corporate event or speaking in her own right.

She is a graduate of the Institut d’études politiques in Paris and studied at Cambridge.

International Affairs.

Politics and Current Affairs.

European and World Economics.


Clinton / Trump: Anger in America.

A merciless, brutal, hateful campaign. Two candidates both hated by a majority of their fellow citizens. Two unpublished profiles: Hillary Clinton is the first woman in 240 years to run for the presidency of the United States; Donald Trump is the first contemporary candidate to have no experience in public affairs.

America is angry. Barack Obama has not accomplished the expected miracles, globalization, terrorism and racial tensions are tormenting him. Upsetting a party he does not respect any of the principles, the Republican candidate wants an America-stronghold, tense on the protection of his own interests. Rich in incomparable political experience, the Democratic candidate defends an open, diverse America, faithful to her traditions.

From the beginning, the scenario accumulates the twists. Christine Ockrent's long-term investigation uncovers the lines of force and fracture of a country seized by doubt. Two visions of the world, two systems of values ​​clash. The outcome of this duel depends on the future of America. And ours.

Clinton / Trump: Anger in America.

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