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Her TED Talk, "Why Are You Watching Me If I'm A Nobody," exceeds 4 million views. Wielding cautionary tales about contemporary data collection that make the Stasi seem quaint, Peirano explains how the data that our phones and algorithms automatically collect about us is ripe for misuse and exploitation by the next authoritarian regime.

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Marta Peirano is a renowned Spanish journalist and researcher. She has written essays and articles on technology, digital art, free software and popular culture in media such as El País, or La Sexta and maintains a weekly section on RNE (National Radio).

She was the founder of the newspaper ADN and has been attached to the management at where she was also head of the Culture and Technology sections, topics on which she has published in magazine Muy Interesante.

Her first job was at Ariadna, the mythical El Mundo technology supplement. In addition, she was the editor of the blog La Petite Claudine and founder of Elástico, a multidisciplinary collective with which she co-directed COPYFIGHT, an international festival on alternative models of Intellectual Property. Founder of Hacks/Hackers Berlin and Cryptoparty Berlin, she is also responsible for her manual, The Cryptoparty Handbook.

She has published books on automatons (The Rival of Prometheus. Lives of Illustrious Automata); collaborative models (Collaborative Futures); notation systems (On Turtles & Dragons) and technological futurism (Futurish: Thinking Out Loud About Futures).

Her work “The Little Red Book of the Network Activist” (8th edition) is the first book in the world with a foreword by Edward Snowden. It constitutes an essay-manual of cryptography for journalists, sources and the media.

In 2019 he published “The Enemy Knows the System” (11th edition), an instant best-seller on platform capitalism and its impact on the media ecosystem and online political campaigns, to understand why the technology companies that generate addiction are the same who spy on us and manipulate us. An essay on surveillance capitalism where she connects our addiction to mobile with the data mining industry and its role as a tool for mass control and manipulation.


She has traveled the world as an international speaker, from Tokyo to Lima, from Santiago de Chile to Saint Petersburg.


In 2020-2021 Marta Peirano was curator of the “Barcelona Thought Biennial”, advisor to CESEDEN (Spain’s Higher Center for National Defense Studies), has given a course on electoral security at the National Electoral Institute of Mexico and is the curator of “(re) programming ”, a cycle of conversations on technology and climate change, at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Ljubljana.

"Why do they watch me if I am nobody?".

Digital Capitalism - The Enemy Knows The System.

Towards a watched society?


Structures and control systems for technologies.

Social Networks and the lack of democracy on the Internet.

Hackers and intellectual property.

Technological Futurism.


After warning us of the dangers of the internet, Marta Peirano returns with a new anti-apocalyptic story to build a hopeful future.

It is the oldest story in the world: that of an environmental disaster and a technology that saves us. We have repeated it like a mantra since the beginning of time because until now it has proven true; we are the most dangerous animal in the savannah, we have defeated beasts, storms and disease. But the evolutionary strategy that has kept us alive from the beginning of life itself now pushes us to the brink of extinction. We are so trapped that it already seems inevitable.

It is not a technical problem. There are solutions within our reach to curb global warming. But the great technologies of our time cannot help us manage the climate crisis, because they are not designed to do so, but to manage us during the climate crisis. This book talks about citizen action strategies to deal with the acceleration of climate feudalism and disaster capitalism. A new anti-apocalyptic story to build a hopeful future.



Everything you don't want but need to know about power, the economy, society and telecommunications in the information age.

In today's information age, power structures have become invisible, underground. Suspiciously convenient, right? Things have changed and not exactly for the better: the geopolitical power previously held by the state is now concentrated in the hands of communication networks. Indeed, Google and Facebook already know more about you than the police.

If these two information giants have been strengthening ties with China for years, it is because it is the territory where they have the most users and, as much as it is an openly totalitarian country, both companies are willing to support it. When it comes to optimizing productivity, the line between the ethical and the immoral is blurred.

In "The enemy knows the system", the journalist Marta Peirano discusses this and other issues such as the control and destruction of democratic processes, the era of present shock, mutations in the social structure, the power of algorithms or the militarization of the public space. All this, to bring light to the present in which we live and to the dark future in which we are entering.

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