Peter Rehwinkel

Founder and Director for IDCM

International Disaster and Crisis Management

Peter Rehwinkel

IDCM is led by Peter Rehwinkel, a former Netherlands Member of Parliament and Mayor of major Netherlands cities. His experience will help to offer your organization a stronger future.

Peter Rehwinkel has led several national and international teams in disaster response and recovery. He was a ´rapporteur´ for the United Cities and Local Governments Organisation (UCLG) and developed high-level relationships with World Bank, various United Nations agencies, the European Commission and crisis assistance such as USAID, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). During his time as Mayor, Peter Rehwinkel took executive crisis response responsibility in a number of challenging crisis events.

Experience makes another future, Dr. Peter Rehwinkel´s conviction was. He wants to contribute to a better and quicker reply, after a hazard has taken place. Recognize how fast your reputation and that of your organization or company can be destroyed. Be a professional. Develop your competences on disaster response according to your responsibilities.

IDCM recognizes that for many CEO’s crisis management is not a core skill or priority. However, when disaster strikes, your organisation will firstly look to you to lead the response.

It also provides or access great courses and specific training to develop crisis management competencies so you can carry out your responsibilities calmly, professionally and effectively when a crisis hits.

Dr. Peter Rehwinkel, delivers a fascinating speech on crisis management and provides essential tips. Corporate sector, governments and organizations have shown keen interest already in the Golden Rules Peter Rehwinkel provides to fight crisis. Peter makes use of stories to remember, incorporates humor in his speeches and complements words with visual aids. He is also a sought after speaker on government law and royalty.

Manage Your Next CRISIS!:

Lead your community or company through any crisis and emerge more powerful than ever

Manage Your Next CRISIS! provides all the expertise you need to handle the emergency situations that any community or company inevitably encounters. Strategies to avoid the perils of a crisis, or manage your way out of one are explained succinctly. Because firm leaders are prepared for the crisis and consequent disruptions they are bound to face.

Grasp every facet of crisis management and emergency management that affect organizations, livelihoods, and even lives. Guide people through each and every crisis calmly. Ensure minimal complications by understanding the most compelling approaches, such as:

• Relationship of vulnerability, capacity, and resilience in disaster management
• Fundamentals of emergency response coordination
• Effective resilience-centered public-private partnership
• Emergency planning for residents and employees
• Designing a foolproof crisis management plan
• Social media crisis management for cities and industries
• Managing a crisis successfully with stress management
• Essential attributes of crisis communication
• Dealing with the media

Manage Your Next CRISIS!:

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