How does a Speaker Bureau work?

The speaker bureaus are to help those who arrange meetings, conferences, workshops and special events, providing ideas and information on speakers for the attention of event organizers and decision makers.

In BCC we advise our clients so that we can guarantee the best result. We work with many speakers from the internationally renowned to the very individual specialists dealing with an enormous variety of topics, in BCC we help you to find the speaker who best fits your needs. The fees for such services are included in the speaker’s honorarium.

After the speaker has been selected and the invitation confirmed, BCC will then handle all paperwork ensuring that a legal contract is in place. Once the invitation is accepted by the speaker we prepare a contract that includes the details of the engagement. For further information about the process the BCC team can help you.

Can the client communicate directly with the speaker prior to the event?

We always prepare a general brief so that the speaker knows the details of the event. Also, our offices are available to have the meetings that may be necessary.

Alternatively we can coordinate a conference call so that the client has the opportunity to explain directly to the speaker the planning of the event and the details of the presentation and also for the speaker to clarify directly with the client any questions they may have.

Why not speak directly with the speaker?

The advantage in contacting BCC instead of calling directly the speaker – apart from the evident difficulty at the time of contacting a speaker- it is that we can advise you if that speaker is really the best option for your event, for the type of audience and to meet your expectations.

In any case BCC can offer similar options for you to choose the speaker who will fit best to your needs.

Why work with BCC?

BCC has more than 15 years of experience as Speaker Bureau.

We have a team that can help you in many languages that will be at your disposal at any time and we can adapt to any Time Zone.

We guarantee the detailed knowledge of more than 600 of the most outstanding international speakers and the access to any speaker that our client may need.

Our speaker portfolio includes leading speakers from around the globe on all the key topics that our clients must address.

We work together with the most important international bureaus of the United States, Europe and Latin America. Also we are members of the prestigious IASB (International Association of Speakers Bureaus).

We manage to obtain always the best market conditions for our clients.

What is the fee for a speaker?

We work with speakers for all events and for all levels of budget. The speaker’s fees are variable, so for that reason BCC will always try to match the best conditions and offers to our clients unique opportunities.

This is because at BCC we handle exclusive information about the agenda of some of the most recognized and prestigious speakers in the world, which allows us to find the best dates for them and therefore with best conditions for our clients.

What are the charges for the service?

The local taxes and the travel expenses are additional to the speakers fee. The travel expenses include flight tickets, local ground transportation, taxes and accommodation in full board (normally First Class or Business Class travel expenses and accommodation in Suite).

The extra expenses, alcoholic drinks, laundry, telephone, will be the responsibility of the speaker.

Can the speakers participate in other activities?

In most of the cases we can agree that the speakers may participate in activities related to the event like book signature, photo session, press conference and social events (dinner, lunch or cocktail), always with the previous consent of BCC.

BCC will always endeavour to protect the best interests of the client and match their request to the services of the speaker. All the details of these activities will be properly included in the contract.

Why work with a speaker bureau?

Working with a speaker bureau has great advantages and doesn’t increase the price of the speakers. Also in BCC we guarantee the detailed knowledge of nearly 600 of the most outstanding international speakers and the access to any speaker that our client can need.

Working with the support of a speaker bureau, the clients can focus on the logistics and the organization of the event and BCC will focus on the logistics relating to the speaker. BCC provide a consultancy throughout the whole process, from the selection of the speaker up to the logistics of the event and deliver the maximum professionalism to our clients.

The client will have the support of the expert BCC team and our main objective is to make your work easier and that your event is a success.