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Shaping Leaders, Teams and Culture, One Story at a Time.


Karen Eber is a TED speaker with over 1.6 million views on Storytelling: How your brain responds to stories – and why they’re crucial for leadersShe is sought after for her storytelling that expands thinking about leadership and culture. Participants describe Karen as feeling like a friend on stage, able to recall her stories and tips long after the sessions.

She makes storytelling accessible to anyone to become memorable and influential in their communications, even with data. She also helps companies explore and transform the story of their culture and leaders.

With 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, Karen has been a Head of Culture and Chief Learning Officer at General Electric and a Head of Leadership Development at Deloitte. She’s developed 90,000 employees in 150 countries and is a four-time American Training and Development winner. Her experience from both sides of the desk helps her connect to the challenges of her audience.


She has delivered over 250 presentations for Fortune 500 business leaders, conference and universities like General Electric, Kraft Heinz, ADP, Facebook, Kate Spade, Purdue, and London Business School.


Karen Eber has inspired many through her articles published in Fast CompanyCLO Magazine, Training Industry Magazine and is writing a book on Storytelling expected late 2022.

Whether delivering a keynote, coaching a C-suite team or working to build the leaders and culture of an organization, Karen is known for her storytelling to challenge understanding.

Her signature talks focus on developing leaders, leveraging storytelling to engage and influence, and shaping culture. Each talk is memorable, story-based, and provides practical tips to leverage the same day.

Karen is known for challenging thinking and building new ideas for her audience in keynotes or interactive workshops.

“Clarity to see the path forward, even in thunderstorms” is how her clients describe the experience of working with her.

Storytelling Isn’t Just for Bedtime and Campfires.

Why is storytelling a critical skill for leaders? Where can you find stories, how do you tell them and how do you create your own toolkit of stories? This dynamic talk answers these questions and provides participants with actionable insights and practical tips to work storytelling into their own business communications.

Why Storytelling Is More Trustworthy Than Data.

Ever sit in a meeting when the presenter droned on about data, not realizing the audience was no longer listening? We tend to think it is more trustworthy to present data than using a story. This talk flips that concept upside down and shows you how to use stories to make your data more trustworthy and guide decision making.

What Story Does Your Culture Tell?.

Want to get to the heart of culture in your organization? Focus on the story it tells. Every culture tells a story through day-to-day behaviors that are either reinforced or discouraged. How do you recognize the story your culture tells and shape it across all levels of your organization? The stories shared in this talk will surprise you, help you recognize your own culture, and provide actionable tips.

The Empathic Leader: Inspire, Engage + Influence.

Most people agree that leaders should inspire and provide a vision—but most leaders fall short of inspiration. What does it take to become an inspiring leader? Empathy. In this talk, leaders will learn how to use empathy to connect with teams, understand individual perspectives and motivations, and know-how to bring out their best in their people.

Looking Around Corners: Leadership of the Future.

This world is always changing, and leadership requires a different approach. How do you help leaders see around corners to shape healthy cultures? This leadership talk covers how to respond and adapt to the shifting workplace.