Aurelie Litynski


Positive Work Culture Specialist. TEDx Speaker - Founder of Happitude at Work.

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Aurelie Litynski is a TEDx speaker, as well as a certified Chief Happiness Officer and Chief Wellbeing Officer. In addition, she has received training from leading global experts and obtained multiple certifications in positive psychology, change management, and neuroplasticity.

As the founder of Happitude at Work and a consultant, she draws on her extensive training and experience to develop workshops, programs, and public events focused on employee experience, positive leadership, emotional intelligence, and human-centric culture.

She works with SMEs, multinational organizations, and corporate leaders all around the globe, empowering them to boost positivity, productivity, and performance in the workplace. Her overall mission?: To foster a human-centric approach to work, where the teams ‘happiness is part of the teams’ culture.

Originally from the south of France, she now lives in Switzerland with her husband and two daughters. Her mantra is that happiness is our main objective in our private lives – why should it not be the same at work?.


Get inspired to foster a positive and productive work culture.


Aurelie Litynski aims to put a spotlight on the value of a human-centric culture. Research shows that happiness not only affects individuals, but also happy employees are more connected, productive, less likely to be sick and more engaged with others inside and outside the workplace.

Through her inspirational stories, expertise and science-based practices, Aurelie Litynski tailors her keynotes to meet the needs of each audience and organization. Her presentations are ideal for company events, conferences and public engagements.

In addition, Aurelie offers webinars and workshops which are tailored according to the specific needs and desires of each team. The sessions aim to inform, inspire and offer hands-on tools to start making a difference in the workplace. By becoming more aware of workplace well-being, teams can focus on what makes them more productive and happier.

Participants will return to their daily work with new ideas, implementable tools and a better understanding of the role happiness can play in a healthy and dynamic workplace.


1. How to apply positive psychology in business.
2. How to foster emotional intelligence in leadership.
3. Let’s boost our happiness at work.
4. Leading with positivity & authenticity.
5. Prevent, avoid, and handle burnout.

Other keynotes on demand with topics related to positive work culture, employee experience, stress management, feedback culture and change management.

Additional Info:

- Speech time depending on your need.
- Content to be adapted depending on the goal and audience.
- More details and individual offer upon request.


Possible topics to address during webinars or workshops:

- How to apply positive psychology in business.
- Leading with positivity and authenticity.
- How to develop emotional intelligence in leadership.
- Learn how to make feedback part of your team’s culture.
- Prevent, avoid, and handle burnout.
- How to embrace change and be more resilient.
- How to handle better stress & be more focused at work.
- Science behind happiness.
- Personalized content depending on your challenges.

standalone or series of 3 to 6 webinars
1h30 / 2h30 / half day / full day / program
Virtual or face-to-face workshops